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Our fencers represented NYFA on 7 out of 8 podiums at Capitol Clash SYC & Cadets, earning 11 medals,  including 2 Golds, 2 Silvers & 3 Bronze!

Congratulations to all for your hard work and winning ways!

  • Mark Dolgonos – Gold in Y12, E2016 in Y14 (11th)
  • Anna Temiryaev – Gold in Y10
  • Alan Temiryaev – Silver in Y14
  • Skyler Liverant – Silver in Y12
  • Anna Lanzman – Bronze in Cadets & C2016, 5th in Y14
  • Daniel Plechavicius – Bronze in Y12
  • Ian Goldfine – Bronze in Y10
  • Samuel Bekker – 5th in Cadets
  • Ethan Kushnerik – 5th in Y12
  • Andrew Mufel – 6th in Y14

Your performance made NYFA the #1 ranked club in men’s epee and #4 in women’s epee at this Super Youth Circuit (source:

In addition, we congratulate the following fencers for their recent top results:

  • Nathan Vaysberg – Gold & A2016 in Juniors at Denise O’Connor HS Championships
  • Samuel Medina – 6th in Y10 at NSFC Mixed Epee



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