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Luxembourg World Cup, NJFA RJCC, Windy City SYC, College Meets +

We’re very proud of our athletes for their great fencing this weekend from Luxembourg to Brooklyn!  Congratulations all!

Jaclyn Khrol – 29th at the Luxembourg Junior World Cup out of 142 fencers from more than 20 different countries!

NJFA Regional Junior Cadet Circuit – top 8:

  • Dylan Polkovsky – Bronze in Cadets
  • Daniel Zaretsky – 7th in Cadets
  • Emily Ostrovsky – 7th in Cadets

Windy City Super Youth Circuit – top 8:

  • Shawn Agaon – Bronze in Y12
  • Finn Chimoskey – Bronze in Y10
  • Evelyn Agaon – Bronze in Y10
  • Ethan Agaon – 5th and E2018 in Y14,  7th in Y12

NCAA College Fencing – awesome to see our students performing well on the collegiate level! This weekend there were two big meets at Brandeis and Sacred Heart:

  • Sam Bekker led NYU with the most victories (13-4) at The Tradition Tournament at Sacred Heart
  • Nathan Vaysberg had a great showing (11-7) for St. John’s at The Brandeis Invitational
  • Bennett Cohen was one of the most valuable fencers on the Sacred Heart team
  • Skyler Chin helped Yale go 4-1 at Brandeis, including revenge for last year’s loss to Saint John’s

More details here:…/2018-…/releases/201812033l1nwy

Congrats also to our top 8 medalists at local competitions including the NYFA Youth Cup #3:   NYFA-BK



Cadet & Junior World Cups, Cobra SYC Top Results

Congratulations to all of our fencers who represented NYFA around the world this past weekend!  Great job everybody – coaches and fencers! Keep up the good work!

Top 32 at World Cups:

  • Skyler Liverant – 4th in Teams and 8th in Individuals at the Cadet World Cup in Bonn, Germany!  Skyler keeps progressing and showing amazing fencing – we’re very happy for you!
  • Jaclyn Khrol – 17th at her first Junior World Cup in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Jackie went undefeated in pools and was just a few touches short of top 16. Good luck to Jackie next week in Luxembourg at her next World Cup!
  • Peter Kambeseles – 32nd in the Bonn Cadet World Cup


Top 8 at the Cobra Super Youth Circuit- our youngest stars are on the rise!

  • Liora Profis – Silver in Y8
  • Landon Shchur – Bronze in Y10
  • Alexander Ratmansky – Bronze in Y8
  • Alexandra Rakhovski – 5th in Y10
  • Shawn Agaon – 6th in Y12
  • Dylan Kats– 6th in Y10
  • Nicholas Iarikov – 7th in Y10
  • Grayson Shchur – 7th in Y8
  • Caralina Khrol – 8th in Y14
  • Konstantin Vaysbukh – 8th in Y14



2 Gold, 1 Silver,1 Bronze + 4 More Medals at Mission SYC

Congratulations to NYFA athletes for great fencing at the Mission Super Youth Circuit on Long Island!  Here are our top 8 results:

  • Anna Temiryaev – Gold & C2018 in Y14
  • Mark Dolgonos – Gold in Y14
  • Caralina Khrol – Silver in Y14
  • Skyler Liverant – Bronze in Y14
  • Elizabeth Zigalo – 6th in Y10
  • Mitchel Bekker – 8th & D2018 in Y14
  • Mitchell Pozovskiy -8th in Y12
  • Dylan Kats – 8th in Y10




This weekend, our young fencers earned 14 medals and 3 ratings at the top adult and youth tournaments in New York!  Congratulations all!

Nathan Vaysberg – 6th in NY Athletic Club Mercury Cup Div1 1-Touch
Anna Lanzman – 8th in Fencers Club NYC Women’s Epee Grand Prix V

The following fencers made NYFA the #1 club in Men’s Epee and #2 club in Women’s Epee at the Mission Super Youth Circuit!

  • Joshua Shuster – Gold and C2016 in Y14
  • Anna Temiryaev – Gold in Y10
  • Andrew Mufel – Silver in Y14
  • Caralina Khrol – Silver in Y12, Bronze and D2016 in Y14
  • Ian Goldfine – Silver in Y10
  • Ethan Kushnerik – Bronze in Y14
  • Jordan Liverant – Bronze and D2016 in Y14
  • Skyler Liverant – Bronze in Y12
  • Michael Mogilevich – 5th in Y14
  • Mitchel Bekker – 5th in Y12
  • Peter Kambeseles – 7th in Y14







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Our fencers represented NYFA on 7 out of 8 podiums at Capitol Clash SYC & Cadets, earning 11 medals,  including 2 Golds, 2 Silvers & 3 Bronze!

Congratulations to all for your hard work and winning ways!

  • Mark Dolgonos – Gold in Y12, E2016 in Y14 (11th)
  • Anna Temiryaev – Gold in Y10
  • Alan Temiryaev – Silver in Y14
  • Skyler Liverant – Silver in Y12
  • Anna Lanzman – Bronze in Cadets & C2016, 5th in Y14
  • Daniel Plechavicius – Bronze in Y12
  • Ian Goldfine – Bronze in Y10
  • Samuel Bekker – 5th in Cadets
  • Ethan Kushnerik – 5th in Y12
  • Andrew Mufel – 6th in Y14

Your performance made NYFA the #1 ranked club in men’s epee and #4 in women’s epee at this Super Youth Circuit (source:

In addition, we congratulate the following fencers for their recent top results:

  • Nathan Vaysberg – Gold & A2016 in Juniors at Denise O’Connor HS Championships
  • Samuel Medina – 6th in Y10 at NSFC Mixed Epee