• 24 hour advance notice is required for all cancellations and you must schedule a substitute time within the current session with the coach. Otherwise you will be charged for the missed lesson.
  • Less than 24 hours notice is allowed for medical reasons only and you must schedule a substitute time within the current session with the coach. Otherwise you will be charged for the missed lesson.
  • If you miss two private lessons in a row you may lose the spot in the coach’s schedule, the club is not obligated to provide a make up and you will be charged for the missed lesson.
  • It is your responsibility to request a make up and you have to pay for the missed class/private lesson. Your option to schedule a make up will expire after the current session.  There are no make-ups for free classes.
  • If you miss your make up for any reason, there will be no make ups for that appointment.
  • All prepaid classes must be used within the current session (if a class is missed in the last 2 weeks of a session, you may schedule make-ups within the next session.)  There will be no refunds for prepaid services, except in special circumstances.


  • Membership starts from the date you sign the Membership Form and payment is received.  Annual membership ends every August 31.
  • To be considered a member, you must pay on an annual, half-year, or monthly basis.
  • Membership fees are non-refundable.
  • Additional Family Member Rate is applicable to younger family members only when oldest family member pays First Member Rate
  • Strip coaching may be provided for a fee. If at least 6 fencers and a strip coach attend, the mandatory fee will be $60 for drivable events, $85 for events where coach must drive and stay overnight, $150 for Nationals/NACs. If fewer than 6 fencers attend, strip coaching can be requested and fees must be determined and agreed upon prior to the event.
  • If two NYFA members are competing against each other in the same competition, they cannot be strip coached by any coach or friend from any club.
  • NYFA members must represent NYFA as their primary club on their USA Fencing registration, at any USFA-sanctioned competitions,  on askfred.net entries.
  • NYFA members must wear NYFA uniform or NYFA patch at competitions


  • The fencing floor is restricted to fencers only. Non-participants must stay in the observation area
  • Fencing weapon must be carried with points down or in a fencing bag
  • Any illness, injury, or medical problems must be reported to the instructor before lesson/practice starts, or during the stay of NYFA
  • Warm up and stretches are required before a lesson or practice. Arrive 15 minutes early for it
  • Rough play or dangerous actions are prohibited whether intentional or not
  • Walking or standing close to the fencers when blades are raised or in motion is prohibited
  • Mask, glove, fencing jacket, knickers, plastron, breast plate for female, and athletic shoes must be worn when fencing
  • Any person not abiding by NYFA rules may be subject to expulsion