Everyone, as young as six years old, can start to learn to fence at NYFA with Introductory Lessons from one of our expert coaches.  No membership, experience, or equipment is necessary.  You may take 1 lesson before starting an Intro package if you prefer.  See Begin Fencing and FAQ for more info.  Contact us today to get started!

A)  INTRO 4: Package of 4 Beginner Private Lessons  $180
Beginners with 0-6 months experience can start with 4 private lessons, preferably taken twice a week for 2 weeks. ($20 savings)

B)   INTRO 8:  Package of 8 Beginner Private Lessons   $360
Beginners can choose to start with 8 private lessons, to be completed in 2-4 weeks.  ($40 savings)

C)   INTRO 1: 1 Intermediate/Advanced Private Lesson   $50
Fencers with more than 6 months experience who can demonstrate proper fencing techniques, can start with just 1 lesson.

After Introductory Lessons, you can take group classes and private lessons at member prices, starting with a free trial membership for the first session.  Your coach can recommend the right level and combination of classes and lessons for you.


Member Packages offer the best value, with savings of $95-$630 per 9-week session, depending on the package.

D)    BEGINNER BRONZE:  1 Class + 1 Lesson weekly   $760
Beginner/Intermediate members can start with a healthy combination of 1 class and 1 lesson. Classes are 1.5 hours and include: All Beginners, Kids Intermediate, Saturday Intermediate.  ($95 savings)

E)   BEGINNER SILVER:  2 Classes + 1 Lesson weekly   $1120
Beginner/Intermediate students who want faster progress.  1.5-hour classes: All Beginners, Kids Intermediate, Saturday Intermediate.  ($140 savings)

F)   BEGINNER GOLD:  2 Classes+2 Lessons+1 FREE Conditioning Class wkly  $1520
Beginner/Intermediate students who want to advance to competitive levels. Recommended for students that start later (12 or older) and want to catch up to peers. 1.5-hour classes: All Beginners, Kids Intermediate, Saturday Intermediate. Free Conditioning is 30-min.  ($350 savings)

G)    INTERMEDIATE BRONZE:  1 Class + 1 Lesson weekly   $880
Intermediate/Advanced members starter package. Classes are 2- hour Intermediate, 2-hour Competition.  ($110 savings)

H)   INTERMEDIATE SILVER:  2 Classes + 1 Lesson weekly   $1360
Intermediate/Advanced fencers who want faster progress.  Classes are 2- hour Intermediate, 2-hour Competition. ($170 savings)

I)    INTERMEDIATE GOLD:  2 Classes+2 Lessons+1 FREE Condition Class wkly  $1760
Intermediate/Advanced fencers who want to advance to competitive levels. Recommended for students who started at 12 or older and want to catch up to peers.  Classes are 2- hour Intermediate, 2-hour Competition.  Free Conditioning is 30-minutes.  ($380 savings)

J)  ADVANCED ELITE:  2 Classes+3 Lessons+2 FREE Condition Classes wkly   $2160
Intermediate/Advanced competitive fencers who seek top national and international results.  Classes are 2- hour Intermediate, 2-hour Competition. Free Conditioning: (2) 30-min. or (1) 1-hour.  ($630 savings)

Member Package savings are approximate and based on average of 9 weeks per session for the price of 8 weeks. May vary per customer. There are no make-ups for FREE classes.


Members may opt to take individual classes and lessons at standard rates.

  • 1.5-hour Class (Beginner, Kids Intermediate, Saturday Intermediate): $45
  • 2-hour Intermediate, Advanced Competition Class: $60
  • 2-hour Directed Bouting Class: $35
  • 30-minute Conditioning Class: $15
  • 1-hour Conditioning or Footwork Class: $25
  • 20-minute Private Lesson: $50
  • Small Locker Rental: $50/session or $450/year
  • Large Locker Rental: $70/session or $650/year

NON-MEMBERS may take classes and lessons at individual rates plus a required daily floor fee.


* Current Special at NYFA-LI:  Bouting is free for all competitive fencers

Members: Free
Non-Members: $20
A or B Rated Fencers: Free to bout, $10 for class reg.
College / High School Fencing Team: $10