My son went to one of NYFA LI tournaments when he was a member of a different club. Some kids from other clubs came with their coach. NYFA never stops other club members from bringing their coach. It was our own decision to show up alone. My son was very impressed with referees, coaches and young fencers in NYFA LI. He did not feel deprived because referees counted all of his touches without giving him any trouble. During the tournament, we noticed that NYFA coaches and fencers work together very hard. A couple of weeks later after the tournament, we joined NYFA LI.

Coaches at NYFA LI are dedicated professionals who are truly passionate about the sport of fencing. Coaches bring out the best and help kids become a better fencer. In case you live in Queens, like me, and you are scared of traffic, LIRR is right in front of the club. It is a big plus for high school fencers in City schools. Kids can go straight to club after school by taking LIRR to club.”  —  Sun Kim, 8/14/2021

My daughter went to sleep-away international camp and she really enjoyed it. She had very intense practice several times per day with private lessons from knowledgeable coach Michael Mokretsov. He gave great tips in how to improve her fencing style. By the end of the camp they even had a real competition! The fencers that went there were all top-level which gave great experience to my daughter. She also made new friends. We are considering to come to this camp next year again.” — Mike Doroshkevich, 8/10/21

This was the third year of camp for my 13 y.o. son and the first one for my 10 y.o.  My 13yo greatly enjoyed his time spent with friends and fencing for the third year in a row, however, my younger son grew homesick right away, which is not all surprising since he spent almost 2 years at home learning remotely. His coaches and counselors put a great deal of effort into guiding his first steps being away from home. Happy to say, by the end of the session he made many good friends and was looking forward to attending this camp next year.

The coaches are incredibly dedicated. All kids receive a great deal of attention and instruction. Sportsmanship, resilience, good manners and discipline are instilled and encouraged. The sense of camaraderie is striking and omnipresent among the camp attendees. Needless to say, the coaches and counselors do lead by example. Also of note is that the camp is attended by many strong fencers. Both of my sons gained great experience fencing their peers.  Surrounding nature and the campgrounds are beautiful. The facilities are well kept. The camp cafeteria menu is full of nutritionally dense choices.

Once again, a shout-out to all the coaches, counselors, fencers/ friends and visiting parents who shared this adventure with my kids and made it a memorable one… the list of your names is long! You guys are doing an amazing job!”  — Helen Schur, 7/27/2021

These guys do a fantastic job – even through COVID. During COVID, they do remote training (Zoom-based). Very professional, report back to parents on how child is doing and make solid recommendations for help and improvement. Our daughter was a little on the fence when moving from a family friend instructing her to this club but she’s enthusiastic and has been pointing out how she’s been improving regularly. They don’t go easy on the kids – but they keep it fun so they really improve and appreciate the hard work. Highly recommend.” — Krause W., 3/3/2021

Excellent fencing club. Top club on Long Island. Sergey is a great fencing coach. For fencing Epee–there is no place better on Long Island–actually in the New York area. My daughter really grew at this club and was able to obtain a new level of fencing after stagnating for several years at a previous club. Highly, highly recommend. — LK, 12/7/2020

“So happy we found this Port Washington location. Sergey and Misha have been great with my daughter and brought her to another level with her fencing. The classes and open bouting are run really well and very, very instructive. It is also located conveniently across from the train station in Port Washington, which is a great town to grab dinner in while she is fencing. We are very lucky to have these top epee coaches on Long Island. Highly recommend NYFA.” — Laurie Kowalsky, 8/17/2020

Love New York Fencing Academy. Misha and Sergey have been great coaches for my daughter. The classes have been incredibly helpful and taught almost like lessons. These are top fencing coaches and we are so lucky to have them on Long Island. Highly recommend them.” — Laurie K., 8/1/2020

Misha is the BEST fencing coach we have ever come to, you have saved my son’s knee pain during fencing prior to him coming to you, we can’t thank you enough for your excellent instruction and role model as a coach!!!!!” — Yu-Chia R., 10/26/2019

Wonderful fencing academy. My daughter has fenced elsewhere and this is a great academy for Epee fencers. Sergey and Misha are expert coaches, who run rigorous clinics. This is the place to fence on Long Island in Port Washington or in Brooklyn. Love them!!” — L.K., 10/25/2019

“Excellent facility with great national team level coaches. Highly recommend!” — Karen C., 8/26/2019

“This was a wonderful camp with great competition, rigorous 3 times per day practice and the ability to get excellent private instruction. Highly recommended.” — Amelia Bartholomew, 8/8/2019

Wonderful fencing club. Great coaching, outstanding program for epee fencing. Kids of all ages can receive world class coaching. Awesome workout, lots of fun, great sport!” — Oksana Samorodova, 9/12/2018

I was one of the least experienced campers when I arrived at the NYFA summer fencing camp. As a result of their expert coaching, my skills improved and I was able to move up to a higher level team. I plan to go back again next summer!” — Jennifer A., 9/5/2018

The camps are well organized, the technical staff is very pleasant and very prepared. Nice environment. You work hard. Appropriate locations. The times very well-marked!” — Francesca S., 9/5/2018

I want to thank New York Fencing Academy for great sleep away camp. Thanks for the opportunity to share experience and acquire new friends. Great organization, great coaches, beautiful location! We had lots of fun!” — Vadim Diambekov, 7/31/2018

Amazing experience at the NYFA Sleep Away Camp! The kids had a great time, learned new things, made new friends, and just had fun being in their fencing element. I look forward to going back next year and I know a lot of the students do too.” — Sorah Shin, 8/27/2018

Great training, great hard work and all of it because of the amazing team of coaches! Thank you all! It was a great pleasure to work with you shoulder to shoulder” — Sergey Danilov, 7/31/2018

Camps are amazing. Well staffed and they will beyond prepare you for your next fencing season.” — Teddy L., 9/3/2018

Great club in NY area! Very strong and professional staff, well organized and successful program on the National level. Definitely, strongly recommend this club to all epee fencers. Besides professionalism – the club is very friendly and family oriented. You will feel very safe and will enjoy the overall environment of the club regardless your age. Summer Sleep Away camps are great with great organization on all levels!” — Donik1981, 8/4/2018

The fencing camp was a great and memorable experience. Our sons had a great time, learned a lot, made new friends and are already looking forward to next year´s camp. Lots of training and top notch coaches! We will highly recommend this camp and will come back next year! Our sons travelled overseas to attend this camp, after returning from the first week session we totally recommend it.” — Moe P., 8/2/2018

Fantastic experience, best camp I have ever been on, loads of fencing, loads of laughs and loads of new friendships, would recommend to anyone.” — Jack B., 9/8/2017

A remarkable place, intense, purposeful, and highly professional. Recommend wholeheartedly.” — Yura D., 6/25/2017

We are from Virginia. My son (9) has been learning fencing for about one year. His fencing skill has been improving, but very slow. This past spring break, we took a trip to New York, and visited New York fencing Academy. Coach Misha Mokretsov gave my son private lessons, as well as the group lessons. In about just one week, my son had big leaps on fencing. Few weeks after the lessons, my son received national points the first time when he competes in one of the SYC event. I am so glad we made good choice of spring break camp, and decided to join their summer sleep away camps again.  Coach Misha if one of the best coaches and the other coaches in the club are also serious about their fencer’s improvements. If you’re interested in upping your competitive edge, this is the place for you.” — Shi I., 5/7/2017

Our 10-year old son had a wonderful time at NYFA Summer Camp this Summer. It was his first sleep-away camp experience, he went for the two sessions (20 days) and is already talking about coming back next year. The atmosphere at the camp was very inclusive and encouraging. Our son got just the right dose of independence, yet there was plenty of supervision for him and us to feel safe and secure. The counselors were all very nice and serious about their responsibilities, and the coaches were very dedicated. The rigor and intensity of the training was unparalleled. In addition to the ample fencing training and practice, he got a lot of out of the agility training. We’re truly looking forward to the next Summer at NYFA Camp.” — Anya B., 9/12/2016


NYFA fosters a true team environment and quickly becomes a second home for students. Coaching is world-class and has had a transformative impact on my sons. Focuses on complete athlete – sportsmanship, discipline, technique and conditioning.” — D.K., 8/3/2016


This is the best epee club in New York! One the best coaches Misha who lead my 10 year son to a gold medal in North American Cup. Both coaches Misha and Slava are very professional and dedicated to our children! Great physical and mental workout.” — Arina G., 7/11/2016


Thanks to Misha Mokretsov and his wonderful training, Romain got 6th place in Luxembourg Fencing competition last weekend (European World Cup). Merci, Misha.” — Cecile, 2/22/2015


Great workout, Always wanted to try it out, Both Instructors were Very Helpful and helped me get started in this sport.” — Clarence, 12/12/2011


“En garde !!! Bravo to this club with a great spirit and very good level. Coach Misha is very involved in his students progress. NYFA has great results. Kids and teens have fun at the club and feel part of a community. The club has brand new installation, very good prices and for the parents, it is just 2 blocks from the beach!!! great for relaxing.” — Cecile, 10/20/2011


“We like our school and our coach. My son never was so motivated to go to any other sport. It is a lot of fun for parents too. My husband recently won parents tournament and was very, very happy for a week. Come and join the club for a future educational benefits of your children and for fun.” — Yevgeniya, 10/19/2011


“Misha has been our son’s fencing coach for two years now and we followed him to his club when he opened it a year ago. The club has grown into a brilliant competitive club producing some of the best fencers nationally. Misha trains the kids to the highest level whilst keeping a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  There are classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and including little ones and adults. Our younger son (8 years) has just joined and he loves it!! We could not be more pleased with our choice of club.”   — J.P., Brooklyn, NY, 9/3/2011


“This club is like the best-kept secret in NY fencing. It just opened a year ago, but the coach, Misha Mokretsov, is outstanding. He’s young and passionate about fencing and really cares about his students. He focuses on physical fitness as well as excellent fencing technique, and he’s already produced top nationally-ranked youth fencers. We drive over 20 miles to take lessons and classes at NYFA although there are clubs closer to us. There’s a good team spirit among the students too and they have a lot of fun together.”   — C.C., 8/24/2011


“NYFA is a great fencing club for kids and teens. There are some really good fencers and many beginners too. The Coney Island beach is a couple of blocks away. In good weather they sometimes run on the boardwalk and do drills on the beach! Fencing is a good work-out for the body and mind, and it’s just so fun to play with swords!”   — Bill, 8/24/2011


“This club is freaking awesome. Air conditioning, electric fencing strips, classes for all levels. It’s also right next to a pretty good Russian food store.  The classes show a very high level of professionalism and intensity, and Misha is a very dedicated coach. I definitely recommend NYFA for any epee fencer.”   — A.F., 8/20/2011


“New York Fencing Academy is an amazing club with cool air conditioning, locker rooms for storage, and a great diversity of fencers. The coach, Misha, is a dedicated fencer who strives to cultivate his students’ skills. The facility is also conveniently located next to a Russian market. I highly recommend this club for fencers of all levels.”   — Kevin, 8/19/2011

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