NYFA students are attending top colleges and many are fencing on NCAA varsity teams or in competitive club programs.

HS Class of 2017:
Samuel Bekker – New York University
Matthew Ko – Cornell University

HS Class of 2016:
Michael Snyder – Cornell University

HS Class of 2015:
Skyler Chin – Yale University (fencing team)
Romain Cannone – Sacred Heart University (fencing team)
Kristina Finelli – Stony Brook University

HS Class of 2014:
Annie Morelli – Columbia University (fencing team)
Keyue Bao – UC San Diego (fencing team)
Anna Brosgol – Binghamton University
Sophia Chelnitsky – Fordham University
Kevin Ko – Cornell University

HS Class of 2013:
Richard Kim – New York University (fencing team)
Anna Kornak – Macaulay Honors College CCNY (fencing team)

HS Class of 2011:
Daniel Hurwitz – Northwestern University (fencing club)