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This was a productive weekend for many of our fencers who traveled to competitions in upstate NY and France and took home 8 medals.

Romain Cannone – 3rd place in the France Cadet Qualifier. This was a two day competition with 288 fencers. Romain qualified to fence for France at the Bonn Cadet European Circuit next week. Good luck, Romain!

These NYFA athletes earned Top 8 results in the Ben Gutenberg Memorial Super Youth Circuit in Rochester, NY:

Nathan Vaysberg – Gold Medalist, Y14 ME. Nathan also earned his C2013 rating!

Jaclyn Khrol – Silver Medalist – Y10 WE and 6th place, Y12 WE

Skyler Liverant – Bronze Medalist, Y10 ME

Bennett Cohen – 5th place, Y14 ME

Alan Temiryaev – 5th place, Y12 ME

Mark Dolgonos – 8th place, Y10 ME

Congratulations to all!



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We are proud to share the recent achievements of our fencers:
4 teammates medaled at the Capitol Clash SYC & Cadets, the biggest and hardest Super Youth Circuit of the season:
  • Jackie Khrol – 5th in Y10 Women’s Epee
  • Mark Dolgonos – 3rd in Y10 Men’s Epee
  • Anton Chmut – 3rd in Y12 Men’s Epee
  • Anna Brosgol – 3rd in Cadet Women’s Epee

Sophia Chelnitsky got 3rd in Senior Women’s Epee at Medeo’s Chocolate Cup Open and renewed her rating to D2013


Richard Kim was accepted to New York University

Congratulations to all!




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Congratulations to the following athletes for their performances at the Super Youth Circuit in New Hampshire this past weekend:

  • Anton Chmut – GOLD in Y12 out of 33 fencers, BRONZE in Y14 out of 40 fencers and national points in both age groups.  Anton qualified for Y14 Summer National Championships. Amazing performance, Anton!
  • Nathan Vaysberg – 5TH PLACE in Y12 and national points
  • Alan Temiryaev – 8TH PLACE in Y12 and national points
  • Mark Dolgonos – 5TH PLACE in Y10 and national points
  • Jackie Khrol – 3RD PLACE in Y10




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NYFA fencers showed great results at the Mission Super Youth Circuit over the past weekend and proved once more that we are a leading club in youth epee fencing in New York City.

  • Alan Temiryaev represented NYFA in Y10 and Y12 age groups where he earned silver and bronze medals respectively. Great Job Alan – you made our club proud.  Keep practicing so you take gold home next time.  Alan has been fencing for a little over a half a year and we congratulate him on great early results!
  • Bennett Cohen earned a second medal for NYFA in Y12.  Bennett fenced very well and was one touch away from taking a bronze medal home.  Bennett is fencing first year in the Y12 category and already shows that he is a strong competitor in this age group.  Good job Bennett!
  • Skyler Chin was silver medalist in Y14 age group where he showed again that he is one of the best Y14 fencers in USA. Sky was recovering this year from his ankle injuries and demonstrated that he is getting back in shape by making top 8 in the North American Cup a month ago and taking silver this time. Great job Sky, we wish you full recovery by Summer Nationals and we will try for gold there!
  • Romain Cannone fenced well and earned a bronze medal in Y14. He lost by one touch to his teammate Skyler Chin in a dramatic bout. Romain, you showed solid fencing and we are looking forward for your performance at Summer Nationals!
  • Abigail Soto made top 8 in Y12 women’s epee. It was her first time competing at a national tournament but Abigail managed to keep her focus and gave a good fight to many experienced fencers. Good job Abi!

Also we would like to encourage all our young fencers who practice hard and are on their way to becoming medalists on the national level:

  •  Jaclyn Khrol – was one touch away from earning bronze in Y10
  • Mark Dolgonos – won two bouts despite the fact that he is only 8 years old competing with 10 year old fencers
  • Katie Tan – fenced first time at SYC
  • Michael Burovsky – showed great fencing in pools but didn’t keep his focus for DE’s.
  • Brian Sanker – made top 16. Good job Brian you are consistently improving!
  • Ivan Shybaila – well done – very first tournament and 2 victories in pool!
  • Josh Sikarevich – also first year in Y12 but shows consistent improvement!
  • Nathan Vaysberg – was close to winning his DE! Wish you better luck next time – keep working on your “en garde”!
  • David Lu – fenced first time at SYC
  • Sam Burman – one touch away from top 16
  • Gideon Spano – first time at SYC but was fighting very hard!

And congratulations to Richard Kim who fenced in “Jeff Wolfe Div 1A & Div 2 ROC at Mission” – it was a C2 event and Richard made top 8 – he qualified for Division III Nationals and earned his “E2012”!



Our fencers competed in this weekend’s Super Youth Circuit.  NYFA presented fencers in all age groups:

  • Bennett Cohen took 3rd place in Y10 age group and earned his third medal this season at SYC’s. He also earned national points – god job Bennett!
  • Anton Chmut was fighting in the same age group with Bennett and made top 8! That was Anton’s first medal at competitions – we all know you’ll have many more:)
  • Peye Wong came in 3rd in Y12 age group – earning her 3rd SYC medal this season – way to go Peye!
  • William Wexler had his debut in Y12 epee and showed good composure and competitive spirit and even though he lost in his first DE he was fighting hard and lost a very close bout – keep practicing Will and you’ll succeed!
  • Skyler Chin showed very good fencing in the pools but lost to his teammate Romain Cannone in direct elimination round. Cannone eventually lost by one touch to the winner of SYC to make top 4. This way Romain got his second SYC medal this year! Both Skyler and Romain are top seeds in the region in Y14 despite the fact that they are only 13 y. o.! We are looking forward to a  good performance at NAC “E” from them this April! Along with Sky and Romain one more NYFA fencer had his debut. Sam Burman was fighting very hard and was very close to victory in many bouts but he lacked experience to claim the victory. Keep working Sam and you will be victorious!
  • Sophia Chelnitsky had very strong performance in pools by going undefeated but lost to her teammate Anna Brosgol to make top 8. Sophia took 10th place and qualified for Summer Nationals. Good job Sophiyka!
  • Anna Brosgol was short one touch to make top 2. This bronze medal is Anna’s best result in her fencing career – Anna also renewed her rating to “D 2011”. Congratulations Anna!!!
  • Also I would like to congratulate Aaron Fu with his “E 2011” that he earned couple weeks ago!
  • Congratulations to Gabriel Canaux for taking 1st place in the U16 British Youth Championships South Eastern Div qualifier!