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Check out our revised calendar with fun and challenging tournaments for everyone.  Some dates and categories have changed so click on the askfred links below, make sure you’re registered if eligible, and mark your calendars!

  1. Saturday Jan 18 – 4:30pm:  
    NYFA C & Under Senior Mixed Epee  Preregister Who's Coming More Info
  2. Sunday Jan 19 – 10am Y10  / 12pm Y12  / 3pm Y14:
    NYFA Youth Challenge #3 Mixed Epee  Preregister Who's Coming More Info
  3. Saturday Feb 15 – 4:30pm:
    NYFA D & Under Senior Mixed Epee  Preregister Who's Coming More Info
  4. Sunday Feb 23 – 12pm Y10  / 3pm Vet Combined  / 3pm Y14:
    NYFA Youth & Vet #4 Mixed Epee Preregister Who's Coming More Info
  5. Saturday Mar 1 – 3:30pm  Ages 12 & up:
    NYFA Doubles Duels Team Mixed Epee Preregister Who's Coming More Info
  6. Saturday Mar 8 – 4:30pm:
    NYFA Unrated Senior Mixed Epee Preregister Who's Coming More Info
  7.  Sunday Mar 30 – 12pm:
    NYFA & Macaron Cafe Senior Mixed Epee Preregister Who's Coming More Info
  8. Saturday Apr 12 – 4:30pm:
    NYFA Unrated Senior Mixed Epee  Preregister Who's Coming More Info
  9. Sunday Apr 20 – 12pm Y10 Team Foil /12pm Y10 Team Epee  / 3pm Y14 Team Epee:
    NYFA Youth Team Mixed Epee & Foil  Preregister Who's Coming More Info
  10. Saturday May 10 – 4:30pm:
    NYFA E & Under Senior Mixed Epee Preregister Who's Coming More Info
  11. Sunday May 18 – 10am Y10 / 12pm Y12 / 3pm Y14:
    NYFA Youth Challenge #5 Mixed Epee Preregister Who's Coming More Info
  12. Saturday May 31 – 4:30pm:
    NYFA D & Under Senior Mixed Epee Preregister Who's Coming More Info

Remember, we also have Saturday Practice Tournaments every week at 4:30pm.   

All of our events are open to the public.



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* Tomorrow, Sept 22 is the first event in our Youth Cup Series *
Click here to register 

The season has begun, but it’s never too late to start fencing at NYFA.  We have a full schedule of training, bouting, and tournaments for the new and advanced fencer.  Here’s what we’re offering for 2013-14:

EPEE TRAINING: NYFA has one of the best epee programs in the Metro NYC area. You can try a private lesson with one of our coaches, or join our club to receive member benefits and your choice of money-saving packages. Group classes include beginner, intermediate, advanced/competition, footwork, and conditioning. Click here for the 2013-2014 Schedule

SATURDAY PRACTICE TOURNAMENTS:  Every Saturday at 4:30, competitive fencers gather for full format practice events. Pools and DE’s allow fencers to work on the skills and endurance needed to make it to the podium. Free for A&B fencers and members, $5 for fencers on high school or college teams, and $10 for everyone else. Click here to sign-up

WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY OPEN BOUTING: We have quality bouting at very affordable rates throughout the year.  Just $5 for fencers on high school or college teams, free for A&B fencers and members, and $10 for everyone else. 2013-2014 Schedule

NYFA TOURNAMENTS: We’re hosting several competitions including our Youth Series, Macaron Cafe Cookie Open, Veterans, Unrateds, Youth Team, and the fast and fun Doubles Duels Team event. Click here to sign up for NYFA events on

Fence NYFA!



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Congratulations to NYFA fencers for their top results last weekend:

  • Michael Burovsky, Joshua Sikarevich, Rachel Tanibajeva, Abigail Soto qualified for Y14 Summer Nationals
  • Anna Kornak, Galyna Khrol, Eugene Shifer qualified for Div 2/3 Summer Nationals
  • Abigail Soto, Michael Burovsky qualified for Div 3 Summer Nationals
  • Romain Cannone took 2nd place at the Mission ROC and earned his A2013
  • Galyna Khrol won 1st place in NYFA’s Unrated tournament and earned her E2013

         NYFA Youth & Vet Challenge:

  • Mark Dolgonos – 1st in Y10 epee
  • Anna Marinovich – 2nd in Y10 epee
  • Jack Kambeseles – 3rd in Y10 epee
  • Oliver Tracy – 3rd in Y10 foil
  • George Karazanishvili – 3rd in Y10 foil
  • Nathan Vaysberg – 1st in Y12 epee
  • Joshua Sikarevich – 2nd in Y12 epee
  • Rachel Tanibajeva – 3rd in Y12 epee
  • Ed Mufel – 1st in Vet epee
  • Yuriy Chelnitsky – 3rd in Vet epee




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We’ve added 2 new opportunities to improve your ratings and get valuable competition experience!     Click the askfred links below to sign-up:
1.  Sunday, January 6th:  NYFA C & under Mixed Epee and Veterans Mixed Epee / Foil:
C&Under:  Open to C, D, E and Unrated fencers, ages 13+
Veterans Epee or Foil:  Open to all fencers ages 40+
2.  Saturday, January 12th: NYFA Unrated Mixed Epee: 
Open to Unrated fencers, ages 13+
In addition, our weekly Saturday Round Robin practice pools are open to youth and adult fencers.    Click here for a list of NYFA events.