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Congratulations to NYFA fencers for their top results last weekend:

  • Michael Burovsky, Joshua Sikarevich, Rachel Tanibajeva, Abigail Soto qualified for Y14 Summer Nationals
  • Anna Kornak, Galyna Khrol, Eugene Shifer qualified for Div 2/3 Summer Nationals
  • Abigail Soto, Michael Burovsky qualified for Div 3 Summer Nationals
  • Romain Cannone took 2nd place at the Mission ROC and earned his A2013
  • Galyna Khrol won 1st place in NYFA’s Unrated tournament and earned her E2013

         NYFA Youth & Vet Challenge:

  • Mark Dolgonos – 1st in Y10 epee
  • Anna Marinovich – 2nd in Y10 epee
  • Jack Kambeseles – 3rd in Y10 epee
  • Oliver Tracy – 3rd in Y10 foil
  • George Karazanishvili – 3rd in Y10 foil
  • Nathan Vaysberg – 1st in Y12 epee
  • Joshua Sikarevich – 2nd in Y12 epee
  • Rachel Tanibajeva – 3rd in Y12 epee
  • Ed Mufel – 1st in Vet epee
  • Yuriy Chelnitsky – 3rd in Vet epee


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