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* Tomorrow, Sept 22 is the first event in our Youth Cup Series *
Click here to register 

The season has begun, but it’s never too late to start fencing at NYFA.  We have a full schedule of training, bouting, and tournaments for the new and advanced fencer.  Here’s what we’re offering for 2013-14:

EPEE TRAINING: NYFA has one of the best epee programs in the Metro NYC area. You can try a private lesson with one of our coaches, or join our club to receive member benefits and your choice of money-saving packages. Group classes include beginner, intermediate, advanced/competition, footwork, and conditioning. Click here for the 2013-2014 Schedule

SATURDAY PRACTICE TOURNAMENTS:  Every Saturday at 4:30, competitive fencers gather for full format practice events. Pools and DE’s allow fencers to work on the skills and endurance needed to make it to the podium. Free for A&B fencers and members, $5 for fencers on high school or college teams, and $10 for everyone else. Click here to sign-up

WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY OPEN BOUTING: We have quality bouting at very affordable rates throughout the year.  Just $5 for fencers on high school or college teams, free for A&B fencers and members, and $10 for everyone else. 2013-2014 Schedule

NYFA TOURNAMENTS: We’re hosting several competitions including our Youth Series, Macaron Cafe Cookie Open, Veterans, Unrateds, Youth Team, and the fast and fun Doubles Duels Team event. Click here to sign up for NYFA events on

Fence NYFA!

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