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Congratulations to the following fencers for their recent top results!

NYFA Youth Challenge #4 – Top 3:

  • Jaclyn Khrol – Gold in Y14, Gold in Y12
  • Ian Goldfine – Gold in Y10, Bronze in Y12
  • Finn Chimoskey – Gold in Y8
  • Peter Kambeseles – Silver in Y14
  • Mitchel Bekker – Silver in Y12
  • Anna Temiryaev – Silver in Y10
  • Samuel Medina – Silver in Y8
  • Alan Slavinskiy – Bronze in Y14
  • Jack Kambeseles – Bronze in Y14
  • Nadia Gaberkorn – Bronze in Y10
  • Julian Brodsky – Bronze in Y8

Cobra ROC:

  • Andrew Mufel – 6th in C&Under

Long Island High School Fencing:

  • Jericho HS (Bennett Cohen, Devan Singh) – Nassau County Team Champions
  • Bennett Cohen – Jericho sophomore, Silver in Nassau Individual Men’s Epee Championship; All-Long Island First Team
  • Michael Snyder – Garden City senior, Bronze in Nassau Individual Men’s Epee Championship
  • Matthew Ko – Great Neck South junior, 8th in Nassau County Individual Men’s Epee Championship
  • Devin Chin – Great Neck South sophomore, Bronze in Nassau Underclassmen Men’s Epee

NYFA Youth#4 Y14 medalistsNYFA Youth#4 Y14 medalists

Bennett Cohen (l) Jericho HS 2016 Team Nassau County ChampionsBennett Cohen (l) Jericho HS – 2016 Nassau County Team Champions




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3. RESULTS: Congratulations to our fencers who earned these top results!

  • Mark Dolgonos – Gold in Y12, 6th in Y14 at Rocky Mountain SYC
  • Nathan Vaysberg – Bronze at Durkan Rooster Div1A ROC
  • Michael Snyder – Bronze in Juniors at Long Island JO Qualifier
  • Matthew Ko – Bronze in Cadets, 8th in Juniors at Long Island JO Qualifier

NYFA Youth Challenge #3:

  • Alan Temiryaev – Gold in Y14
  • Ethan Kushnerik – Gold in Y12
  • Ian Goldfine – Gold in Y10
  • Michael Mogilevich – Silver in Y14
  • Mitchel Bekker – Silver in Y12
  • Anna Temiryaev – Silver in Y10
  • Samuel Medina – Silver in Y8
  • Jack Kambeseles – Bronze in Y14
  • Andrew Mufel – Bronze in Y14
  • David Pavlenishvili – Bronze in Y12
  • Daniel Plechavicius – Bronze in Y12
  • Max Koustikov – Bronze in Y10
  • Joshua Yavorovskiy – Bronze in Y10
Mark Dolgonos - Gold Y12 at Rocky Mountain SYC
Rocky Mountain SYC
NYFA Youth3 Y10 finals
NYFA Youth3 Y10 finals
NYFA Youth3 Y12
NYFA Youth3 Y12




Great job this weekend from our fencers who earned 16 medals and 2 ratings. Congratulations to all!

NJFA RYC Y14 ME Skyler L. Gold NYFA
Skyler Liverant (2nd from left) wins Gold in Y14 & Gold in Y10 ME at the NJFA RYC

NJFA March Regional Youth Circuit:

  • Skyler Liverant – Gold in Y14 and Gold in Y10
  • Jordan Liverant – Silver in Y12 and Bronze in Y14
  • Daniel Zaretsky – Silver in Y12
  • David Pavlenishvili – Silver in Y10
  • Ian Goldfine – Bronze in Y12 and Bronze in Y10
  • Michael Mogilevich – 5th in Y14
  • Katherine Yenna – 5th in Y12
  • Arevik Amroyan – 6th in Y14
  • Alan Slavinskiy – 7th in Y12
Melanie Dolgonos wins Y14 WE at the St Louis SYC and earns her C2015
Melanie Dolgonos (left) wins Gold in Y14 WE and earns her C2015 at the St Louis SYC

Daugherty SYC & Cadets in St Louis:

  • Melanie Dolgonos – Gold in Y14, 6th in Cadets, and C2015
  • Mark Dolgonos – 5th in Y12

Long Island Division 2/3 Summer National Qualifier:

  • Matthew Ko – Bronze, qualified for Div 2/3, and D2015




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Congratulations to our high school seniors who will be entering college this fall!

Romain Cannone will attend Sacred Heart University and fence for their Div I team.  Romain started training at age 12 with Coach Misha Mokretsov.  In the last two years, Romain fenced for the French cadet and junior national teams and ranked number 1 in France in juniors and number 3 in the world in cadets.  He won gold medals in the 2015 European Junior Team Championship,  the 2014 Bratislava European Cadet Cup, and the 2014 Virginia Junior North American Cup.  He has been selected to the 2015 French junior world team. Romain is a senior at John Jay High School in Westchester.

Skyler Chin will attend Yale University and fence for their Div I team.  Skyler also began training at age 12 with Coach Misha Mokretsov. In his second season, he reached number 2 in US rankings and earned an A rating. Medals include fifth in the 2014 Junior North American Cup at Summer Nationals, silver in the 2011 Div II National Championships, and bronze in the Y14 National Championships.  Skyler is a top scholar-athlete at Great Neck South on Long Island where he was a 6-time varsity letter winner, Nassau County Champion, and team captain in his junior year.

Romain Cannone,  Skyler Chin w/Coach Misha Mokretsov
Coach Misha Mokretsov with college-bound fencers, Romain Cannone (left) who will attend Sacred Heart, and Skyler Chin (right) who will attend Yale – Class of 2019

Romain and Skyler have always been part of NYFA and it’s hard to imagine our club without them. They are among my first generation of athletes who are successful fencers and who always remained loyal and believed in our club when it was very young, with no established results or students.  They are leaders by nature and they’ve demonstrated to our younger fencers that perseverance and consistency in training pay off.  They may have different personal goals, but both have achieved greater accomplishments than merely being the best in the club.  Now they are among the best young fencers in the US that have earned their spots in top colleges.

I’m very proud of Skyler Chin, who, despite the limitations on his training due to injuries and the long distance from our club, managed to earn several national medals including a Junior finalist medal in the largest Summer Nationals NAC, and he got recruited to one of the best colleges in the world – Yale University!  We wish him successful and fun college years as he continues to work hard in pursuit of his future goals, which may include NCAA titles.

Romain Cannone, despite his young age, is already a European Champion and on the road to getting his World title. He has a very challenging schedule due to such high fencing goals he’s established for himself, constantly traveling with very little time for other fun. I remember what it was like on my National team and those years were the most interesting and fun years in my life – seeing different countries and cultures, making friends all over the world and the happiness of victories are precious memories that will stay with me all my life and will inspire me for coaching for many years ahead.  I’m sure Romain will agree that those years were worth every effort! Romain is going to Sacred Heart University which is not too far from our club and will allow him to continue to pursue his fencing goals while getting his degree. I believe you will hear more about his fencing achievements in the next couple of years as he still has two more years in juniors.

I wish both our star fencers good luck and fun in college, and NYFA will always remain their second home!

— Misha


Here is a list of NYFA fencers and the colleges they are attending.



Happy Holidays to all of our fencing friends and families!!

1.  Holiday Hours:

  • December 24 – Closed
  • December 25 – Open
  • December 26-30 – Open for Winter Camp!
  • December 31 – Closed
  • January 1 – Closed
  • January 2 – Closed

2.  Winter Camp starts Friday!  Get ready for the Sword in the Snow SYC in New Hampshire and the NAC in Salt Lake City.  Sign up now:  https://fencenyfa.com/fencing-camps/

3.  Here’s a recap of our fencers’ latest top results – Congratulations!

8th Annual Barbara Lynch Charity RYC in New Jersey:

  • Skyler Liverant – Gold in Y12 and Bronze in Y14
  • Jordan Liverant – Gold in Y12 and 8th in Y14
  • Ian Goldfine – Gold in Y10
  • David Pavlenishvili – Silver in Y10
  • Max Koustikov – Bronze in Y10
  • Anna Lanzman – 5th in Y14
  • Katherine Yenna – 5th in Y12
  • Mitchel Bekker – 7th in Y12
  • Michael Klur – 7th in Y14
  • Andrew Mufel – 8th in Y14

Bernie Stein Memorial SYC in Arizona:

  • Ethan Kushnerik – 8th in Y12

Long Island Division Junior Olympics Qualifier:

  • Matthew Ko – Silver in Cadets and 5th in Juniors
  • Bennett Cohen – 5th in Cadets and 7th in Juniors

North Shore FC Senior Epee:

  • Anton Chmut – 5th