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The new season begins Monday, September 3.  If you haven’t already scheduled your classes and lessons, use the links below to make your selections:

Class Schedule:  Changes include a new intermediate epee class for kids 10 or younger who have at least one year of experience.

Session Packages: Members: see our 2-Month Member Sessions and save hundreds off individual class rates.  New Beginner Customers:  choose an Introductory Package which includes up to a half-year of free membership.

Call or email us before Sept 3 with your Schedule & Session Choices
Book your lessons online here

Register online for USFA membership:  USA Fencing requires everyone who practices in our club be a USFA member. You may register as a non-competitive ($5/yr) or competitive ($60/yr) member.  For more information on USFA membership options, click here.

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