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November 3, 2016
Kristen Henneman

Team USA won gold, silver and bronze in the men’s team competition in Klagenfurt. Photo Credit: Kevin Mar

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Team USA’s men claimed five of the seven medals and Chloe Daniel (Sierra Madre, Calif.) won bronze at the Epee Cadet European Cup on Saturday in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Ryan Griffiths (Fairlawn, N.J.) earned the individual gold medal in Klagenfurt for the second consecutive year while Alan Temiryaev (Brooklyn, N.Y.) grabbed a spot on the podium with a bronze at his first international competition.

In the men’s team competition, the Americans swept the podium, its four teams placing in the top four spots. For Griffiths, a gold in the team event marked his second title of the day; Temiryaev also brings home a pair of medals, adding a second bronze from the team event to his collection.

Team USA started the day strong in the men’s individual competition with nine members going undefeated in the pool rounds and the U.S. securing four of the top five seeds in the direct elimination rounds.

Griffiths was one of the Americans to finish 6-0 in pools, taking the eighth seed and receiving a bye into the table of 128, where he defeated Alexandre Hungerbuehler (GER), 15-12. He then cruised through the next two rounds, besting Ruslan Hasanov (UKR), 15-6, and Fynn Fafard (CAN), 15-8.

To secure a place in the quarterfinals, Griffiths overcame Alex Oroian (ROU), 15-11. In quarters and semis, Griffiths would have to beat two of his teammates, securing a medal with a 15-12 victory over teammate Eliot Herbst (Houston, Texas) and reaching the final with a 15-13 win over Temiryaev.

Once in the final, Griffiths took control, winning the bout 15-9 over Daniel Hosszu (HUN).

On his way to his first international medal, Temiryaev found his stride with a 15-6 victory over Zachary Jaccoud (SUI) in the 128 before defeating Bartlomiej Zbierada (POL), 15-12. In the table of 32, Temiryaev out-touched Samu Szlachanyi (HUN), 15-14, pitting him against teammate Theodore Lombardo (Mount Kisco, N.Y.) in the 16.

Temiryaev once again squeaked out the victory, winning the bout 8-7. In the quarters, Temiryaev held off Ian Hauri (SUI), 14-12, before giving Griffiths his closest bout of the day.

Team USA made up half the competitors in the table of 16 as Herbst, Emon Daroian (Encino, Calif.), Jonathan Piskovatskov (Houston, Texas), Cedric Mecke (New York, N.Y.), Lombardo and Robert Hondor (Malden, Mass.) joined Griffiths and Temiryaev in the 16. Herbst and Daroian advanced to the quarterfinals, finishing in fifth and seventh, respectively.

In the Cadet Point Standings, Griffiths maintains his No. 1 ranking, holding a 300-point lead over Piskovatskov. Temiryaev climbed into the third spot with Lombardo just 30 points behind.

In the women’s competition, Daniel defeated two fencers from Great Britain in her first two DEs, outscoring Charlotte Summers 15-11 in the table of 128 and Laura Sheffield 15-12 in the 64. After advancing to the 16 with a 15-8 victory over Anna Musial (POL), Daniel overcame the No. 4 fencer in the European Cadet rankings, Zsuzsa Schlier (ROU), 15-12.

Daniel then beat Natasha Kis-Toth (CAN), 15-13, in the quarterfinals, but missed a chance at gold with a 15-9 loss to Renata Petri (HUN).

The podium finish at her first international competition of the year allowed Daniel to jump three spots in the Cadet Point Standings to No. 2. Greta Candreva (Katonah, N.Y.) holds the top spot while Ariana Mangano (Colts Neck, N.J.) and Sofia Komar (Laurence Harbor, N.J.) currently rank third and fourth.

Komar also finished in the top 16, controlling her table of 128 bout against Alessandra Luna (SUI), 15-7. In the next two rounds, Komar ended the day of two teammates, claiming victories over Amanda Pirkowski (Longwood, Fla.), 15-8, and Emily Vermeule (Cambridge, Mass.), 15-11. A loss to Edina Kardos (HUN) in the 16 led to a 13th place finish.

The team competition saw the U.S. men dominate the competition as all four teams secured spots in the semifinals.

In the first semifinal, USA 1, featuring Griffiths, Lombardo, Piskovatskov and Wolfe Crouse (Conroe, Texas), narrowly defeated USA 2, composed of Temiryaev, Anton Chmut (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Isaac Herbst (Houston, Texas) and Cedric Mecke (New York, N.Y.) USA 1 jumped out to an early lead and despite a comeback from USA 2, held on to win 35-33.

USA 3, which included Michael Bissinger (Houston, Texas), Eliot Herbst, Daroian and Kevin Chao (Manhattan Beach, Calif.), and USA 4, containing Thomas Etchell (Greenwood Village, Colo.), Timothy Frank (Portland, Ore.) and Nathan Vaysberg (Brooklyn, N.Y.) squared off in the second semifinal. USA 3 won seven of the nine bouts for a 45-33 victory.

In the final, USA 1 overcame a 20-18 deficit to win 45-41 for the gold. In the bronze medal match, Isaac Herbst won the fourth round 6-1 to break a 14-14 tie and USA 2 went on to win 45-38.

In the women’s team event, Komar and Mangano fenced on USA 1 with Karolina Nixon (Los Angeles, Calif.) and Miriam Grady (Broomfield, Colo.) The Americans first dominated Poland, 45-19 in the table of 32 before besting USA 3, 38-35. The quarterfinals featured a come-from-behind victory as Komar won her anchor bout 11-4, overcoming Romania’s six-point lead to win by a touch, 42-41.

However, USA 1 came up short of a medal, falling in the semi to Estonia, 45-34, and Hungary 2, 45-36, in the bronze medal match.

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Top eight and U.S. results are as follows:

Klagenfurt Men’s Individual Epee Cadet European Cup
1. Ryan Griffiths (Fairlawn, N.J.)

2. Daniel Hosszu (HUN)
3. Adam Macska (ROU)
3. Alan Leo Temiryaev (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
5. Eliot Herbst (Houston, Texas)

6. Bartlomiej Szurlej (POL)
7. Emon Daroian (Encino, Calif.)
8. Ian Hauri (SUI)

9. Jonathan Piskovatskov (Houston, Texas)
10. Cedric Mecke (New York, N.Y.)
11. Theodore Lombardo (Mount Kisco, N.Y.)
15. Robert Hondor (Malden, Mass.)
18. Michael Bissinger (Houston, Texas)
21. Isaac Herbst (Houston, Texas)
33. Nathan Vaysberg (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
36. Wolfe Crouse (Conroe, Texas)
37. Anton Chmut (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
45. Hunter Candreva (Katonah, N.Y.)
71. Kevin Chao (Manhattan Beach, Calif.)
78. Thomas Etchell (Greenwood Village, Colo.)
96. Thomas Xavier Ghazaleh (Winchester, Mass.)
129. Michael Wang (San Jose, Calif.)
149. Timothy Frank (Portland, Ore.)
156. Bennett Cohen (Old Westbury, N.Y.)

Klagenfurt Women’s Individual Epee Cadet European Cup
1. Renata Petri (HUN)
2. Barbara Brych (POL)
3. Dora Kazar (HUNG)
3. Chloe Daniel (Sierra Madre, Calif.)
5. Eszter Muhari (HUN)
6. Natasha Kis-Toth (CAN)
7. Outi Jaakkola (FIN)
8. Edina Kardos (HUN)

13. Sofia Komar (Laurence Harbor, N.J.)
19. Ariana Mangano (Colts Neck, N.J.)
20. Emily Vermeule (Cambridge, Mass.)
22. Ariana Rausch (Houston, Texas)
26. Mina Yamanaka (Floral Park, N.Y.)
28. Catherine Beddingfield (Pacific Palisades, Calif.)
33. Karolina Nixon (Los Angeles, Calif.)
38. Greta Candreva (Katonah, N.Y.)
39. Miriam Grady (Broomfield, Colo.)
41. Kaitlyn Gill (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.)
45. Huda Aldadah (Peoria, Ill.)
46. Emma Scala (San Francisco, Calif.)
55. Lake Sheffield (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
62. Amanda Pirkowski (Longwood, Fla.)
69. Claire Beddingfield (Pacific Palisades, Calif.)
71. Emily Lan Gao (Manhasset, N.Y.)
75. Sofya Bulavko (Dublin, Calif.)
83. Alexis Hedvat (New York, N.Y.)
163. Jaclyn Khrol (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Klagenfurt Men’s Team Epee Cadet European Cup
1. USA 1
2. USA 3
3. USA 2
4. USA 4

5. Hungary
6. Poland 2
7. Romania
8. Poland 1

Klagenfurt Women’s Team Epee Cadet European Cup
1. Estonia
2. Poland
3. Hungary 2
4. USA 1
5. Hungary
6. Canada 1
7. USA 2
8. Romania

13. USA 3
21. USA 4



Congratulations to our athletes for their recent top results:

  • Romain Cannone – Bronze in Team (France) and Top 16 in Individuals at the Junior World Cup in Riga, Latvia
  • Anton Chmut – Silver in Juniors at Cobra RJCC
  • Sam Bekker – Bronze and A2016 in Juniors at Cobra RJCC
  • Melanie Dolgonos – 5th in Cadets at Cobra RJCC
  • Ethan Kushnerik – Gold in Y14 at Daugherty SYC
  • Mark Dolgonos – 5th place in Y14 at the Daugherty SYC
  • Click here for these and more recent Top 8 results

Other Club News:

  • NYFA Cadets – Good luck to Anton, Jackie, Nathan, Alan, and Bennett who will represent the US in Klagenfurt, Austria this weekend!
  • NYFA Youth – We earned the most Gold SYC medals (18) in the US in 2015-16!  For total SYC medal count, we ranked 3rd nationally. Source: National Fencing Club Rankings





Brooklyn, NY (March 12, 2015) – After earning an individual bronze medal at the Basel World Cup, Romain Cannone (New York, NY) was selected to compete for France at the European Fencing Championships in Maribor, Slovenia. As Cannone explained, “just being there was a dream come true because it is really the competition everyone wants to go to.” He and his teammates took this opportunity all the way to the top, winning the Junior Champion title in the men’s epee team event.

Romain Cannone (right) - Gold, European Junior Team Championships Maribor Slovenia
Romain Cannone (right) – European Junior Team Champion

Fourth seeded France got off to a rough start, barely beating 13th ranked Estonia by just one point. This close win put them in top 8, where they had to pull it together to face fifth ranked Switzerland. France was down by four, but Cannone scored eight points to help his team win 45-41. Next they had to defeat Israel which was ranked eighth but had just beaten Spain to take the first seed spot. Cannone was a little anxious since Israel’s Yuval Shalom Freilich, number one in the world, eliminated Cannone two days earlier, on his way to winning the individual championship. However, this time, Cannone and his teammates were unstoppable, soundly defeating Freilich and the Israeli team 45-29.

The final match against sixth seeded Hungary was very tough. France was ahead 22-21 when Cannone began the second to last bout. It was important to bring the score as close as possible to 40 without losing the lead. The Hungarians put in their best fencer, Zsombor Banyai, who won silver in the individual event. Perhaps they hoped to take advantage of France’s least experienced, first year rookie, but Cannone held his ground and even increased France’s lead to 31-29. The final bout was very intense; France was ahead 44-41 and in the last five seconds, Hungary started to make a big comeback. Still, Cannone recalled, “we just knew we were going to win.” And they did, by 1 point. With the final score of 45-44, France’s team and NYFA’s Cannone, became the 2015 European Junior Champions.

In his last international competition for the season, Cannone will be competing in the World Championship team event in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on April 1.

Romain Cannone (left) Team France - Gold, European Junior Championships Maribor Slovenia
Romain Cannone (left) with Team France – European Junior Champions

New York Fencing Academy (NYFA) was founded in 2010 by owner and head coach Misha Mokretsov and is located in Brooklyn, NY. NYFA is quickly becoming a center for excellence in epee, with one of the strongest competitive epee youth and cadet programs in the tri-state area. In just four years, NYFA has produced many nationally-ranked fencers earning Champion and Finalist titles at International and National competitions, including a European Champion on the French junior national team. NYFA provides private lessons, group classes, and camps for students of all ages and all levels, beginners to advanced. Visit for more info.


Contact: Misha Mokretsov
Company: New York Fencing Academy
Address: 2896 W 12th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224
Club Phone: (718) 996-0426
Cell Phone: (347) 741-1343

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Congratulations to all our athletes who competed this past weekend and achieved the following top results:

In youth fencing, eight medals and a new rating were earned at the Capitol Clash Super Youth Circuit in Washington DC:

  • Mark Dolgonos – Silver medal in Y10 boys
  • Jaclyn Khrol – Silver medal in Y10 girls
  • Alan Temiryaev – Bronze medal in Y12 and 7th place in Y14 boys. Alan also earned his C2014 rating!
  • Skyler Liverant – 6th in Y10 and 8th in Y12 boys
  • Ethan Kushnerik – 7th in Y10 boys
  • Caralina Khrol – 8th in Y10 girls

In high school fencing, NYFA athletes earned 2 of the best records on Long Island this season:

  • Skyler Chin (Great Neck South) – junior and team captain; Gold medal in Nassau County Men’s Epee Individual Championship; #1 men’s epee fencer with 20-1 record; All-Long Island, All-County First Team honors; Nassau County “Fencer’s Fencer” sportsmanship award.
  • Bennett Cohen (Jericho) – 8th grader and only repeat starter on team; 6th place at the Nassau County Individual Men’s Epee Championship; 21-2 record; All-County First Team honors.

In International fencing, Romain Cannone earned a top 32 finish at the Cadet European Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden.


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Young athlete trains in Brooklyn, fences for France, and finds International Success

Brooklyn, NY (January 17, 2014) – New York Fencing Academy member, Romain Cannone, achieved his best fencing result to date when he won the Cadet European Cup in Bratislava, Slovakia last Sunday. In just four months, Cannone quickly progressed towards his dream of going to the World Championships. He qualified to represent the French Cadet Team in October, then competed in three European Cups, taking ninth place in Bonn, Germany; third in Chalons, France; and now first in Slovakia. His gold medal was earned at one of the biggest competitions on the Cadet European Circuit with over 600 fencers from 38 countries. Cannone bested 268 athletes in the men’s epee 17-and-under category. This result advances Cannone to #3 on the European Cadet rankings and will likely secure his spot at the Cadet World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria this spring.

The 16-year-old arrived in Bratislava feeling tired but excited. “The gym was very cool with country flags flying everywhere” he noted as he warmed up with his teammates. After training hard for four years and gaining international experience in the last few months, Cannone was ready to face his challengers with confidence. He fenced well from the start, winning six out of seven pools, losing just one bout by one point. Seeded 16th after pools, Cannone proceeded to eliminate his opponents handily, defeating Fastakovskiy (Russia) by a score of 15-10, Masserey (Switzerland) 15-9, and Nagurnyi (Ukraine) 15-6. In the table of 16, Cannone fenced the #1 seeded athlete, Bruev (Russia), and won 15-11. Cannone next defeated French (Canada) 15-12 which advanced him to semifinals and his toughest battle of the day against Kapala (Poland). Cannone found himself down 14-13 but managed to score two points in the last minute to win 15-14. After that bout, Cannone said he just knew he was going to get first place. He felt no pressure in the finals and defeated the #1 ranked European Cadet, Dabija (Romania) by a score of 15-12. Cannone recalled “when I won I was the happiest boy in the world. My team picked me up and threw me in the air. It was amazing.”

His previous best results include bronze in Chalons, France, and gold in the December North American Cup. He competes in the January North American Cup in Virginia this weekend, and the Cadet European Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden in February.

Cannone has been taking fencing lessons since 2008 from Coach Misha Mokretsov. In 2010, Mokretsov opened New York Fencing Academy, where Cannone continues to dedicate himself to his training, and also tries to help the young, talented clubmates who are following in his footsteps. A junior in high school, Cannone has little time for anything besides schoolwork and fencing, but says it’s all worth it. “It’s been fantastic so far. It never gets old.” Cannone wants to make his family, coach, and team proud. His friends and supporters, whether from New York or France, are proud to call him one of their own.

New York Fencing Academy (NYFA) was founded in 2010 by Head Coach Misha Mokretsov and is located in Brooklyn, NY. NYFA is quickly becoming a center for excellence in epee, with one of the strongest competitive epee youth and cadet programs in the tri-state area. In just three years, NYFA has produced many nationally-ranked fencers earning Champion and Finalist titles at International and National competitions, including a fencer on the French Cadet Team. NYFA provides private lessons, group classes, and camps for students of all ages and all levels, beginners to advanced. Visit for more info.


Contact: Misha Mokretsov
Company: New York Fencing Academy
Address: 2896 W 12th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224
Club Phone: (718) 996-0426
Cell Phone: (347) 741-1343