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Another season has ended with Summer Nationals, the biggest fencing event in the world.  More than 5,000 athletes converged in Anaheim, California to compete in all age groups and weapons. NYFA was represented by 13 athletes: Sophia Chelnitsky, Alex Watkins, Michael Burovsky, Anton Chmut, Bennett Cohen, Sam Burman, Richard Kim, Alan Temiryaev, Anna Brosgol, Skyler Chin, Romain Cannone, Jackie Khrol, and Luca Bellomi.   Some are seasoned and experienced but most are young and promising athletes who were fencing in a competition of such scale for the first time.  All should be proud to have made it to Summer Nationals – you qualified, fought hard and gained great experience for future events.  Congratulations!

Top 32 Results:

Division 3 Men’s Epee National Championship
Richard Kim – 8th out of 129  (D2012 rating)

Y10 Men’s Epee North American Cup
Alan Temiryaev – Silver Medal out of 60

Cadet Women’s Epee North American Cup
Anna Brosgol – 24th out of 141 (C2012 rating)

Y14 Men’s Epee National Championship
Skyler Chin – 12th out of 176

Cadet Men’s Epee North American Cup
Romain Cannone – 23rd out of 214

Y10 Women’s Epee North American Cup
Jackie Khrol – 16th out of 29

Junior Men’s Epee Team North American Cup
NYFA Team (Romain Cannone, Luca Bellomi, Richard Kim) – 16th out of 49



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Brooklyn’s New York Fencing Academy took home three medals from the North American Cup in Virginia Beach this past weekend.

NYFA was the only fencing club with two athletes making the top eight in the Y14 age group. Skyler Chin earned 5th place out of 107 fencers in the Y14 men’s epee. To attain this position he won all six bouts in his pool despite having missed the entire season due to injuries. The Cup was his first major tournament since the last Summer Nationals where he took 3rd place in Y14 and 2nd in Division 2.

Also competing in Y14, Romain Cannone made the top eight for the third time this fencing season. Although he had to face a stronger opponent due to losing two of the six bouts, Cannone still made 8th place out of 107 fencers.  After this tournament Romain is ranked #4 in USA in his age group.

In another age group, Y10, Brooklyn resident Alan Temiryaev took 8th place out of 29 fencers at his first national competition.   In addition, a good effort was put forth by Bennett Cohen who made top 32 in Y12 at his first North American Cup.

The North American Cup features competitors from the U.S. and countries around the world, making the competition tougher and stronger than regular tournaments. Held annually in April, the North American Cup is the most substantial tournament before the biggest tournament of the season, the Summer Nationals in July.

The New York Fencing Academy will continue to hone the skills of its members by hosting international fencers from Germany for the next two weeks.




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NYFA was proud to host Brooklyn’s first A2 level epee fencing tournament this past Sunday, March 25. Thirty-five athletes, ranging from ages 13 to 63, came from all over the tri-state area, and as far away as New England and the Northwest, to compete in the club’s first Senior Epee Cup. Among the participants were 12 A-rated and seven B-rated fencers, making this a very strong event that rivaled some of the best tournaments in Manhattan. After hours of bouting until all opponents were eliminated, the winners emerged: Helen Jolley from Oregon earned the women’s title and Gabriel Canaux from Brooklyn earned the men’s.

Full results are available here on: Askfred.net.

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Published February 9, 2012 in Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Sports section (www.brooklyneagle.com )

15-year-old Brooklyn Tech student Gabriel Canaux of the New York Fencing Academy (NYFA) was one of only 13 Americans who competed in épée fencing at the prestigious international Vigor Challenge in Gothenborg, Sweden, last weekend.

Gabriel Canaux, New York Fencing Academy (NYFA)
Brooklyn Tech’s Gabriel Canaux is emerging as a legitimate hopeful for the United States national fencing squad.

More than 700 athletes from over 15 countries, including Israel, Japan, France and Canada, participated in this year’s event, which consisted of an FIE Junior World Cup and a European Cadet Circuit.

Canaux, who has fenced for about four years, surprised many at Vigor Challenge with his exceptional talent.

Although he was one of the youngest competitors and went against fencers one or two years older than himself, he won three of his six initial bouts, and fell shy of capturing the other three by just one touch.

Advancing to elimination, Canaux continued to show his mettle by soundly beating higher-ranked Swedish fencer Rasmus Dejenfelt, 16, by 15-7.

Canaux then competed with French fencer Steeven Seloi, 16, who was seeded or ranked at 10.

After a tough but close fight, Gabriel lost to Seloi 15-10. Overall, Canaux finished 59th out of the top 151 male cadets in the world. It was his first attempt at international competition. Emboldened by his success, he aims to make the United States national team in 2013.

Canaux will try to keep the momentum rolling as he and other NYFA fencers Sophia Cheinitsky, Annie Morelli, Anna Brosgol and Skyler Chin represent the academy at the USA Junior Olympics next week.



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We are happy to announce that NYFA will host a number of epee & foil tournaments for youth, cadets, adults & veterans!  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ON ASKFRED.  You can also sign-up at the club’s front desk.

  • NYFA Youth Challenge #2 – Jan 29, 2012 – next Sunday!
    Epee Youth 10, Youth 12. Foil Youth 8, Youth 10, Youth 12.
  • NYFA Cadet & Y14 Challenge #1 – Feb 12, 2012:
    Epee Cadets – Under 17, Youth 14.
  • NYFA Youth Challenge #3 – Mar 4, 2012:
    Foil Youth 10, Youth 12.  Epee Youth 10, Youth 14.
  • NYFA Senior Epee Cup & Veterans Epee – Mar 25, 2012:
    Epee Senior – must be 13+.  Epee Veterans – 40+.
  • NYFA Unrated Senior Epee & Veteran’s Epee & Foil Challenge #1 – April 29, 2012:
    Epee Senior – 13+, unrated only.  Epee & Foil Veterans – 40+.
  • NYFA Youth Challenge #4 – May 6, 2012:
    Epee Youth 10, Youth 12.  Foil Youth 10, Youth 12.
  • NYFA Cadet and Y14 Challenge #2 – May 20, 2012:
    Epee Cadets – Under 17, Youth 14.
  • NYFA Foil musketeers –  Jun 3, 2012:
    Foil Youth 8, Youth 10, Youth 12.
  • NYFA Unrated Senior Epee & Veteran’s Epee & Foil Challenge #2 – Jun 3, 2012:
    Epee Senior – 13+, unrated only.  Epee & Foil Veterans – 40+.
  • NYFA Cadet and Y14 Challenge #3 – Jun 10, 2012:
    Epee Cadets – under 17,  Youth 14.