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Davidovich Bakery to Sponsor NY Fencing Academy Senior Mixed Epee Cup

 The world famous Davidovich Bakery will be proudly sponsoring the NY Fencing Academy’s Senior Mixed Epee Cup competition to be held on Sunday June 9, 2013 at the NY Fencing Academy headquarters located at 2896 W. 12th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224.  This exciting USA Fencing (USFA) sanctioned event will take place at noon in the NY Fencing Academy’s, newly renovated, state of the art facilities located in the historic Coney Island section of Brooklyn.
For those unfamiliar with the art of fencing, Epee is one of three modern sport fencing weapons utilized by fencing competitors around the world.  Epee matches are noted for their intense drama as competitors employ speed, concentration, and accuracy as they duel for points where their opponent’s entire body is a viable target for scoring.  Even those unfamiliar with the technical rules of the sport will appreciate the intensity, excitement, and sportsmanship of this event.
Davidovich Bakery has a long history of supporting exciting New York City sports events, including theNYC 5 Boro Bike Tour and the NYS Taekwondo Championships.  The addition of sponsoring a fencing event is of particular excitement, as the company’s owners have a long history of involvement with this international sport.
In addition to being treated to an exciting day of competition, spectators will have the opportunity to win beautiful, artisan, all natural gift baskets from theDavidovich Bakery, containing the world famous, Davidovich Bagels.
For more information about the event visit the NYFA website at or Davidovich Bakery at

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