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March 26, 2012 (Brooklyn, NY) – The New York Fencing Academy hosted Brooklyn’s first A2 level epee fencing tournament this past Sunday, March 25. Thirty-five fencers ranging from age 13 and up came from all over the country to participate in the academy’s Senior Epee Cup and Veterans Mixed Epee. With 12 A-rated fencers and seven B-rated fencers, Sunday’s tournament showcased the mettle of men and women from the tri-state area as well as Boston and Oregon, resulting in an unprecedented level of fencing competition that rivals well-known Manhattan tournaments.

Situated right by Coney Island, where coaches and fencers can often be seen working out on the beach, the New York Fencing Academy aims to become a new destination for excellent epee fencing in New York City. Misha Mokretsov founded the academy just a year and a half ago with two fencing strips. Last October the academy moved to a newly renovated 3,000 square foot gym with six fencing strips, overhead scoring machines and targets. The academy hosts open bouting and Round Robin tournaments on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which is free for A and B rating fencers. Upcoming programs include a sleep-away camp and day camps during the spring and summer breaks. The fencing club also provides private coaching and group lessons. More information about any of these services can be found at

Fencing is an internationally recognized Olympic, college, and New York City high school sport. As both a physical and mental workout, fencers attempt to make 15 contact points with their opponents’ bodies using one of three fencing weapons: the foil, epee or sabre. Each weapon requires different techniques and touch zones. Athletes must also wear protective masks, gloves, and bodywear. Fencers are classified according to their level of performance: A (highest), B, C, D, E, U (lowest, unclassified).


Contact: Misha Mokretsov
Company: New York Fencing Academy
Address: 2896 W 12th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224
Club Phone: (718) 996-0426
Cell Phone: (347) 741-1343

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