North American Cup


October NAC Medals & Top 32

Congratulations to our medalists and top 32 finishers at the October North American Cup in Milwaukee!

  • Mitchel Bekker – Silver in Div II and B2018!
  • Jaclyn Khrol – 5th in Cadets
  • Skyler Liverant – 9th in Cadets
  • Isabella Chin – 24th in Div II
  • Joshua Shuster – 32nd in Div 1 Classification

We’re also proud of our younger students who showed great fencing and not only made it past the first day of Div I but also performed at a high level on day 2, beating some of the top fencers out of 300 athletes competing!

See local top 8 results, including NYFA Youth #2:   NYFA-BK   NYFA-LI




April NAC, Worlds, ROC, RJCC, SYC, RYC

We’re catching up with our fantastic fencers and their top results over the last couple of months!  Congratulations to all!

April NAC in Richmond, VA:

  • Peter Kambeseles – Gold in Div 2 & B2018 – Peter’s first top 8 result is gold!
  • Alan Temiryaev – 7th in Div 1
  • Dylan Polkovsky – 15th in Div 2, 20th in Div 3
  • Daniel Zaretsky – 28th in Div 2, 30th in Div 3
  • Jaclyn Khrol – 29th in Div 1
  • Anton Chmut – 30th in Div 1

World Championships in Verona, Italy:

  • Alan Temiryaev – 12th at his first Junior World Championship!
    To read more about it, click here

Jeff Wolfe ROC on Long Island:

  • Peter Kambeseles – 6th in Div1A

Denise O’Connor RYC:

  • Dylan Kats – Gold in Y10
  • Julian Brodsky – Silver in Y10
  • Ethan Zaydman – Bronze in Y10
  • Shawn Agaon – 5th in Y12

Fairfax RJCC:

  • Peter Kambeseles – 5th in Juniors

Fairfax SYC:

  • Anna Temiryaev – Bronze in Y12
  • Dylan Kats – Bronze in Y10

The Garden State RYC:

  • Landon Shchur – Silver in Y10
  • Dylan Kats – Bronze in Y10
  • David Dodin – Bronze in Y8
  • Alexander Ratmansky – Bronze in Y8
  • Sean Maas – 5th in Cadets
  • Ethan Zaydman – 5th in Y10
  • Grayson Shchur – 5th in Y8
  • Elizabeth Zigalo – 6th in Y10
  • Liora Profis – 6th in Y8
  • Edward Katsev – 7th in Y8

For more results including local top 8, click here

For NYFA Youth Challenge Point Standings, click here







Congratulations to all of our fencers who earned these recent top results!

Fairfax Challenge SYC:

  • Caralina Khrol – Gold in Y12, 5th in Y14
  • Skyler Liverant – Bronze in Y14
  • Shawn Agaon – Bronze in Y10
  • Nadia Gaberkorn – 5th in Y12
  • Ian Goldfine – 6th in Y10
  • Peter Kambeseles – 7th & E2017 in Y14

Jeff Wolfe Long Island Challenge ROC:

  • Nathan Vaysberg – Silver in Div1A
  • Andrew Mufel – Silver in Div2
  • Mark Dolgonos – 6th in Div1A & A2017!
  • Alan Slavinskiy – 6th in Div2

April NAC:

  • Ed Mufel – 5th in Vet-50 Foil, 10th in Vet-50 Epee
  • Ruben Grigoryan – 22 in Vet-70
  • Anna Lanzman – 31 in Division 1
  • Yuriy Chelnitsky – 32 in Vet-50

Jack Kambeseles – 8th and D2017 at American Challenge RJCC

Click here for these and other top 8 results on Askfred





Congratulations to Romain Cannone for taking 6th place out of 184 fencers in the Mémorial de Martinengo Junior World Cup in Bratislava, Slovakia!

NY Fencing Academy - Brooklyn fencing
Romain Cannone (3rd from right) – Top 8 in the Men’s Epee Junior World Cup in Bratislava, Slovakia

Congrats also to our top 32 fencers at the December NAC in Richmond, Virginia:

  • Nathan Vaysberg – 10th in Div IA
  • Alan Temiryaev – 25th in Div I


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Brooklyn, NY (March 20, 2014) – New York Fencing Academy (NYFA) students, ages 10 through 14, competed at the USA Fencing North American Cup (NAC) in Memphis,Tennessee last weekend. Several days a week, they come from all over Brooklyn to train in Coney Island with their coach, Misha Mokretsov. Although the club is less than four years old, their young members have quickly advanced to the top of the national ranks. Mokretsov attributes their success to their hard work and dedication, but also knows that the fun and camaraderie they share in the club and at tournaments, keeps them engaged and motivated to excel in the sport of fencing.

10-year-old Jaclyn Khrol of Bensonhurst, has only been fencing for 2 years, and won her first national title in the youth-10 girl’s epee competition. Seeded second after the pools, Khrol held her first three direct elimination opponents to no more than four touches each. Her final opponent, Westchester’s Keegan Glucksman, was not as easy to beat, but Khrol took the win with a score of 3-2. Khrol is ranked #2 in the US in her age group. She adds this gold medal to her previous best results of silver and bronze finishes at the last two NACs.

Anton Chmut from Midwood, is just 14-years-old and began the day seeded 21 out of 98 fencers, but that didn’t stop him from fighting his way to the finals strip where he earned his first national silver medal in the adult Division III men’s epee event. 12-year-old Alan Temiryaev from Brighton Beach and 10-year-old Mark Dolgonos from Bergen Beach, took home 2 more silver medals in the youth-12 and youth-10 boy’s epee categories, respectively.

A fourth silver medal was earned by the NYFA youth-10 team of Dolgonos, Skyler Liverant (Kensington) and Ethan Kushnerik (Mill Basin) In the final match, they missed the championship title by just 1 point, losing to a team of fencers from San Antonio,Texas and Westchester, NY. NYFA had the only team composed of athletes from a single club. The other five teams were mixes of some of the best fencers from various clubs around the country. “I am very proud of my students for demonstrating such a high level of fencing at a young age” Coach Mokretsov noted. “Their teamwork and goal-seeking attitudes helped them achieve outstanding results at the national level and shows they are qualified to compete internationally.”

Kushnerik also earned bronze in the youth-10 individual event where Liverant took top 8.

Fencing is an Olympic sport whose popularity is taking off across the US among boys and girls who value the mental and physical aspects of the game. Fencers train to be physically fit for fast reflexes, balance, and endurance. They develop analytical and strategic thinking, self-discipline, etiquette and a healthy competitive spirit. In addition to the opportunities to compete individually at the local, national, and international levels, there are many high schools and colleges, including Ivy Leagues, where athletes can participate in fencing as a team sport.

New York Fencing Academy (NYFA) was founded in 2010 by head coach and owner, Misha Mokretsov, and is located in Brooklyn, NY. NYFA is quickly becoming a center for excellence in epee, with one of the strongest competitive epee youth and cadet programs in the tri-state area. In just three years, NYFA has produced many nationally-ranked fencers earning Champion and Finalist titles at International and National competitions, including a fencer on the French Cadet Team. NYFA provides private lessons, group classes, and camps for students of all ages and all levels, beginners to advanced. Visit for more information.


Contact: Misha Mokretsov
Company: New York Fencing Academy
Address: 2896 W 12th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224
Club Phone: (718) 996-0426
Cell Phone: (347) 741-1343