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November Results: SYC to Grand Prix Golds & more

Another amazing weekend for all our fencers!

David Dodin won two medals at SYC in Chicago! Gold in Y10 and bronze in Y12! Great job David! No one managed to score more than 4 points against David in any match!
Liza Zigalo also earned two medals despite injury – bronze medal in Y12 and top 8 in Y14!
Shawn Agaon made top 8 in Y14!

Congratulations to all our medalists at NYFA cup on their way to earn the season 🏆 trophy! Remember best 4 results count and we will give amazing big trophy’s for top 3 in each age group at the last NYFA Cup! You can find your points standings at our web-site!

And special huge congrats to our alumni and one of my first students Romain Cannone for showing amazing results at the first Grand Prix of the Olympic season in Bern,🇨🇭 Romka made top 16 in individuals and won gold medal in team event!

Great job everyone – keep it up!  #teamnyfa #gonyfa #nyfayouthcup #windycitysyc #youngchamps #teamfrance


5 Boroughs High School Individual Champion – Jason Wu! Congratulations!
#teamnyfa #fencenyfa #championhighschool


We had very eventful weekend for our fencers that competed in France and USA!

Big congratulations to Skyler Liverant and team USA for taking gold at the Cadet World Cup in Grenoble, France! Boys were down 20-12 and managed to make a great comeback!

Also congratulations to Jaclyn Khrol and Ethan Kushnerik who made top 32 in individuals!

Meanwhile at Neil Lazar RYC/RJCC we had some wins too:

  • Isabella Chin took another gold in Juniors!
  • Emily Ostrovsky was just one touch short of taking gold in cadets! And earned C2019!
  • Finn Chimoskey took Silver in Y12!
  • Liza Zigalo took bronze in Y12 and top 8 in Y14!
  • Ian Goldfine made top 8 in cadets!

Congratulations everyone and get back to training for even better results!
#teamnyfa #fencenyfa #cadetworldcup #europeancadetcircuit #ryc #rjcc #goldmedal #teamusa


What a day for Anna Temiryaev! Top 8 in cadets at November NAC – great job – two tough bouts won by 1 touch and gave a fight against Team USA member Jessica Lin for top 4! Congratulations! #teamnyfa #fencenyfa #top8 #novembernac


Congratulations to these two fencers! Mitchell Bekker made top 32 out of 300 fencers today in cadets and Skyler Liverant was 1 touch short of top 8! Good job guys and good luck at Juniors event! #teamnyfa #fencenyfa #teammates #novembernac


First medal of the NAC goes to Jaclyn Khrol! Top 8 in Juniors – just 1 touch short of top 4! Jackie will continue at Cadet event on Sunday! #teamnyfa #fencenyfa #top8 #medalist


Big congratulations to all our fencers competing from Y10 to college meets this weekend!

Temple Invitational over 20 colleges:

  • Anton Chmut – 1st place!
  • Sam Bekker – top 8!

“The Big One” college meet that included 14 universities:

  • Josh Shuster – 1st place!
  • Bennett Cohen – 3rd place!

Thrust RYC and ROC:

  • David Dodin – 1st place Y10!
  • Liora Profis – top 8 y10!
  • Liza Zigalo – 2nd place Y12!
  • Sasha Rakhovski – 3rd place Y12!
  • Evelyn Agaon – top 8 Y12!
  • Landon Shchur – top 8 Y12!
  • Jason Wu – 3rd place Y14!
  • Mia Smotritsky – 3rd place Y14!
  • Liza Zigalo – top 8 Y14!
  • Mitchell Bekker – top 8 Div 1A!

Good job team NYFA! #fencenyfa #teamnyfa #winners #youngchamps #ncaa #hunterfencing #sacredheartfencing #brandeisfencing


September & October Results: SYCs, Cadet World Cup, Greek Natl Championships, RJCC, ROC

Kudos to all of our students who are working hard and getting better every day, and especially to NYFA fencers and coaches who earned these top results:

Congratulations on SILVER medal at the Junior Greek National Championship, which took place at Athens, Greece to Peter Kambeseles. Great fencing, great work ethics paid off. Good job to ALL – parents, coaches and of course Peter Kambeseles Go NYFA!!!

Two bronze medals at October North American Cup go to Ethan Kushnerik @ethankushnerik and Skyler Liverant @skyler0427.  Great job guys – many bouts didn’t start your way but you managed to adjust your strategy and show true athlete character! #fencenyfa #teamnyfa #gonyfa #octobernac2019 #top4

Another medal for Jackie Khrol! Top 8 cadets at October NAC! #fencenyfa #top8 #octobernac #teamnyfa

Our kids keep making us proud this weekend!
Congratulations to:
Rachel Kowalsky @rachelkowalsky for winning Gold at RJCC!!!
Liza Zigalo @lizazigzag9 – gold in Y12 and silver in Y14 at FC Youth Open!
Shawn Agaon @sagaon06 – gold at FC Youth Open in Y14!
Anna Temiryaev @anna.temiryaev – silver in Div2 RJCC!
Evelyn Agaon and Mia Smotritsky – bronze medal 🥉 at FC Youth Open in Y12 and Y14 respectively!
Alan Slavinsky – top 8 at DIV1a ROC and A2019!
Great job everyone! #teamnyfa #fencenyfa

Another super result from Budapest – team USA consisting of Skyler Liverant, Stafford Moosekian, Miles Weiss and Spencer Vermeule have won silver medals! Congrats guys – very happy for you! Also congratulations to @jackie.khrol for making top 32 in individual competitions today! #teamusa #usfencing #worldcup #fencenyfa #teamnyfa

Great job at Juniors RJCC for:
Peter Kambeseles @p_kambeseles – silver medal 🥈
Mitchell Bekker @mitchel.bekker – bronze medal 🥉 and A2019!
Keep up good results! #fencenyfa #teamnyfa #rjcc #newrating

Bronze medal at Cadet World Cup in Budapest for Skyler Liverant! @skyler0427  Way to start the season Skyler! Proud of you! Good luck tomorrow in team event to all team USA thletes! #fencenyfa #teamusa #beastmode #top4 #worldcup #teamnyfa

One more medal for our fencers at SYC!
David Dodin – gold medal 🥇 in Y10!
Liza Zigalo – top 16 in Y12!
#gonyfa #teamnyfa #syc #champion

Our fencers keep rocking this weekend!
Isabella Chin @izzychin123 won gold in Junior RJCC!
Josh Yavorovsky @josh__.y made top 8 in Cadets and dot his D2019!
Great job everyone! #fencenyfa #medalists #champion #rjcc #syc

Amazing job for our young stars as usual at SYC at Fairfax!
Dylan Kats – gold medal in Y12!!!
David Dodin – 6th place in Y12 – David is still Y10!
Finn Chimoskey top 16 in Y12!
Daniel Dodin – bronze medal 🥉 in Y8!
Grayson Shchur – silver medal 🥈 in Y8!
Mitchell Pozovskiy – top 16 in Y14!
Great job everybody! Let’s keep that number 1 title that our club earned last year in SYC medals! #fencenyfa #teamnyfa #syc #goldmedalist #youngchamps

Start the season strong! While some of us still on vacation some are taking first SYC medals!
David Dodin – 1st place in Y10 🥇
Landon Shchur – 5th place in Y12!
Great job everyone! #gonyfa #teamnyfa #bostonsyc

CLUB NEWS, College fencing

Updates: #1 Medals Earned, Club Expansions, College News

We’re excited to share great club news with our members:

2018-2019 Season End Results – our fencers, coaches, and parents should be very proud:

  • NYFA tied for FIRST PLACE with Alliance in the number of 2019 Summer National medals earned!
  • NYFA took FIRST PLACE in the number of Super Youth Circuit (SYC) medals earned in the USA!

Club Improvements – we are always striving to make NYFA even better for our students:

  • Port Washington: we renovated and expanded the fencing area to include 8 strips
  • Coney Island: we are expanding the waiting area for parents’ comfort and for students to have more space to do homework and store equipment

College News – Congratulations and best of luck to our high school graduates who have started college this year!

  • Alan Temiryaev – Columbia University
  • Emily Gao – Cornell University
  • Karina Popovich – Cornell University
  • Jeffrey Wang – Johns Hopkins University
  • Kevin Feng – New York University
  • Anna Lanzman – New York University
  • Michael Mogilevich – Rutgers University
  • Josh Shuster – Brandeis University
  • Tatiana Merheb – McGill University Montreal
  • Ann Zats – Macaulay Honors at Hunter College




Our outstanding fencers earned 11 medals at the 2017 Summer Nationals in Salt Lake City!  Again, we set a new record for our club and earned the most epee medals of all clubs in New York!  We were just 1 medal short of #1 in the US.  To all who represented NYFA on or off the podium, thank you for your hard work and support, and congratulations to all of our fencers for showing your mettle on the strip.  You make us very proud to be Team NYFA!


Y10 National Championship
Ian Goldfine – Bronze. Amazing come back from losing 7-3 in bout for top 8!
Joshua Yavorovskiy – 14th

Y12 National Championship
Skyler Liverant – 5th. 1 touch away from bronze but great fencing
Nadia Gaberkorn – 6th. 1st individual SN medal
David Pavlenishvili – 8th & E2017. Great fencing and well-deserved medal
Anna Temiryaev – 32nd

Y14 National Championship
Ethan Kushnerik – 7th. Missed top 4 in Y14 by just 1 touch
Jaclyn Khrol – 10th
Nadia Gaberkorn – 19th
Jack Kambeseles – 23rd
Mark Dolgonos – 24th

Cadet July Challenge
Alan Temiryaev – Gold. Defended his title, winning 2 years in a row!
Jaclyn Khrol – 6th. Medaled in Cadets even though it’s her first Y14 year
Ethan Kushnerik – 13th. Great making top 16 in Cadets in his first Y14 year
Daniel Gaidar – 28th

Junior July Challenge
Alan Temiryaev – Bronze. 1st day, 1st medal for NYFA!

Div I July Challenge
Alan Temiryaev – 16th. Defeated Olympian/18th world- ranked, Ayman Fayez

Div II National Championship
Melanie Dolgonos – Bronze & B2017. 1st SN individual medal

Div III National Championship
Jack Kambeseles – Bronze & C2017. 1st SN individual medal, 1 touch away from finals
Daniel Gaidar – 22nd

Div IA National Championship
Samuel Bekker – 7th & A2017. Fenced great this competition
Ethan Kushnerik – 20th
Nathan Vaysberg – 28th

Senior Team July Challenge
NYFA (Chmut, Ponomarenko, Temiryaev, Vaysberg) – 6th out of 48.
The best senior team result for NYFA so far!


Anna Lanzman – Silver in the Maccabiah Games as anchor for Team USA!


USA Fencing All-Academic Team
Samuel Bekker – First Team
Anna Lanzman – First Team
Joshua Shuster – First Team
Vivian Zhao – First Team
Melanie Dolgonos – Honorable Mention

USA Fencing High School All-American Team
Joshua Shuster – First Team
Daniel Zaretsky – Second Team


Congratulations and best of luck in college!
Sam Bekker – New York University
Matthew Ko – Cornell University





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Congratulations to our 5 athletes who competed in the Klagenfurt Cadet European Cup in Austria. We are very proud of how well they represented the USA and NYFA!

Men’s Epee Individuals (239 fencers):

  • Alan Temiryaev – Bronze.  Alan’s first world event!
  • Nathan Vaysberg – 33rd.  Nathan’s first world also.
  • Anton Chmut – 37th.  Both Nathan and Anton went undefeated in pools and were 1 step away from Top 32.
  • Bennett Cohen – 156th.  We know Bennett definitely has it in him to do better next time!

Men’s Epee Team (40 teams):

  • Anton Chmut, Alan Temiryaev – Bronze
  • Nathan Vaysberg – 4th.  Both Alan and Nathan were anchors and did great jobs for their teams.

Women’s Epee Individual (213 fencers):

  • Jaclyn Khrol – 163rd.  At just 13, Jackie is our youngest fencer to make the traveling team. This was her first world event and there’s surely much more to come from Jackie in the next 4 years in Cadets.

Let’s wish the best of luck to Anton, Nathan, Alan, Bennett and Anna Lanzman at the next world event in France in November!

Congratulations also to our medalists at the Ben Gutenberg Memorial SYC:

  • Nadia Gaberkorn – Silver in Y14 and Bronze in Y12
  • Jack Kambeseles – 8th in Y14


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