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College fencing, RESULTS

Luxembourg World Cup, NJFA RJCC, Windy City SYC, College Meets +

We’re very proud of our athletes for their great fencing this weekend from Luxembourg to Brooklyn!  Congratulations all!

Jaclyn Khrol – 29th at the Luxembourg Junior World Cup out of 142 fencers from more than 20 different countries!

NJFA Regional Junior Cadet Circuit – top 8:

  • Dylan Polkovsky – Bronze in Cadets
  • Daniel Zaretsky – 7th in Cadets
  • Emily Ostrovsky – 7th in Cadets

Windy City Super Youth Circuit – top 8:

  • Shawn Agaon – Bronze in Y12
  • Finn Chimoskey – Bronze in Y10
  • Evelyn Agaon – Bronze in Y10
  • Ethan Agaon – 5th and E2018 in Y14,  7th in Y12

NCAA College Fencing – awesome to see our students performing well on the collegiate level! This weekend there were two big meets at Brandeis and Sacred Heart:

  • Sam Bekker led NYU with the most victories (13-4) at The Tradition Tournament at Sacred Heart
  • Nathan Vaysberg had a great showing (11-7) for St. John’s at The Brandeis Invitational
  • Bennett Cohen was one of the most valuable fencers on the Sacred Heart team
  • Skyler Chin helped Yale go 4-1 at Brandeis, including revenge for last year’s loss to Saint John’s

More details here:…/2018-…/releases/201812033l1nwy

Congrats also to our top 8 medalists at local competitions including the NYFA Youth Cup #3:   NYFA-BK



Klagenfurt Cadet World Cup, College Temple Open

We are proud of our students who fenced in the Cadet World Cup at Klagenfurt, Austria!  Here are their Top 32 results:

  • Jaclyn Khrol – 11th place our of 170 fencers – great start to the International season – keep it up for even higher results!
  • Skyler Liverant – 32nd out of 185 athletes in his first international competition and he’s still Y14!  Great job, Sky!

We also congratulate Sam Bekker, sophomore at NYU, for his Top 8 finish at the Temple Open!





College Announcements 2018

Congratulations to another generation of our great fencers who will be going on to the next chapter of life: college!

Nathan Vaysberg will be attending St. John’s University and Anton Chmut will be attending Hunter College.  Both Nathan and Anton were in our club practically from the beginning of its establishment. They are the ones who, along with their clubmates, put our name on the top of the charts nationally and internationally! Over the years at NYFA, they changed tremendously — from young 10 year old boys to confident young men with amazing fencing results and experience. I’m happy I witnessed it and helped them along the way.

This year was especially successful for both Nathan and Anton. Together they set many records for our club! Nathan made top 8 in Division 1 and Anton top 16! As a team, they took silver medals at Junior Olympics and at January NAC in seniors! As a Cadet, Anton earned bronze in the Cadet European Circuit and medaled many times at NACs.

They traveled all over the USA and world together, and made wonderful memories and became good friends! We all love to win and compete, but sport is not just about that – it’s about having a great time with people united by the same goals, going together to new achievements with teammates that genuinely support you and wish you the best. It’s about discovering that you can do more than you ever thought you would and surely about making unforgettable memories and new friends!

Now they will continue fencing in college and we wish them the best of luck.  Nathan will be my first student to continue the legacy on the St. John’s fencing team where I spent my college years!  Both will go to colleges that are close to our club and will continue training to new records while pursuing their degrees!

Bennett Cohen, who will be attending Sacred Heart University, seemed to always be part on my coaching career. It’s strange to realize that he is leaving too. When he started, he was that little, quick, and energized kid that everyone admired – he was beating older fencers and winning all relay races and it was just fun to see him breaking new records everyday. He was always loyal to NYFA and traveled all the way from LI to Brooklyn for years. Bennett held the record for best results for the amount of training that was available to him. We wish Bennett a fun and productive college life and surely we’ll be waiting for him to visit NYFA!

Ada Marie Gutierrez will be attending Northwestern University!  Ada joined our club later and had limited ability to train with us due to the distance, but she was extremely hardworking and it paid off great as she will be going to one of the best colleges in the USA where she will continue fencing as well!

I’m proud that I have such hard working, loyal, and dedicated students! You made NYFA the place it is now and it will always be your second home!

— Misha



Our outstanding fencers earned 11 medals at the 2017 Summer Nationals in Salt Lake City!  Again, we set a new record for our club and earned the most epee medals of all clubs in New York!  We were just 1 medal short of #1 in the US.  To all who represented NYFA on or off the podium, thank you for your hard work and support, and congratulations to all of our fencers for showing your mettle on the strip.  You make us very proud to be Team NYFA!


Y10 National Championship
Ian Goldfine – Bronze. Amazing come back from losing 7-3 in bout for top 8!
Joshua Yavorovskiy – 14th

Y12 National Championship
Skyler Liverant – 5th. 1 touch away from bronze but great fencing
Nadia Gaberkorn – 6th. 1st individual SN medal
David Pavlenishvili – 8th & E2017. Great fencing and well-deserved medal
Anna Temiryaev – 32nd

Y14 National Championship
Ethan Kushnerik – 7th. Missed top 4 in Y14 by just 1 touch
Jaclyn Khrol – 10th
Nadia Gaberkorn – 19th
Jack Kambeseles – 23rd
Mark Dolgonos – 24th

Cadet July Challenge
Alan Temiryaev – Gold. Defended his title, winning 2 years in a row!
Jaclyn Khrol – 6th. Medaled in Cadets even though it’s her first Y14 year
Ethan Kushnerik – 13th. Great making top 16 in Cadets in his first Y14 year
Daniel Gaidar – 28th

Junior July Challenge
Alan Temiryaev – Bronze. 1st day, 1st medal for NYFA!

Div I July Challenge
Alan Temiryaev – 16th. Defeated Olympian/18th world- ranked, Ayman Fayez

Div II National Championship
Melanie Dolgonos – Bronze & B2017. 1st SN individual medal

Div III National Championship
Jack Kambeseles – Bronze & C2017. 1st SN individual medal, 1 touch away from finals
Daniel Gaidar – 22nd

Div IA National Championship
Samuel Bekker – 7th & A2017. Fenced great this competition
Ethan Kushnerik – 20th
Nathan Vaysberg – 28th

Senior Team July Challenge
NYFA (Chmut, Ponomarenko, Temiryaev, Vaysberg) – 6th out of 48.
The best senior team result for NYFA so far!


Anna Lanzman – Silver in the Maccabiah Games as anchor for Team USA!


USA Fencing All-Academic Team
Samuel Bekker – First Team
Anna Lanzman – First Team
Joshua Shuster – First Team
Vivian Zhao – First Team
Melanie Dolgonos – Honorable Mention

USA Fencing High School All-American Team
Joshua Shuster – First Team
Daniel Zaretsky – Second Team


Congratulations and best of luck in college!
Sam Bekker – New York University
Matthew Ko – Cornell University





We are proud to share our latest results. Congratulations to all!

March North American Cup at Salt Lake City, Utah – top 32 results:
NYFA fencers earned 5 Gold medals, 1 Silver & 2 Bronze!

  • Ethan Kushnerik – Gold & D2016 in Y12
  • Jaclyn Khrol – Gold in Y12, 9th in Y14
  • Caralina Khrol – Gold & E2016 in Y10, 14th in Y12
  • Ian Goldfine – Gold & E2016 in Y10
  • NYFA: Dolgonos, Khrol, Khrol, Lanzman – Gold in Y14 Team
  • NYFA1: Temiryaev, Mogilevich, Mufel – Silver in Y14 Team
  • Alan Temiryaev – Bronze in Y14
  • Skyler Liverant – Bronze & E2016 in Y12
  • Mark Dolgonos – 9th in Y12
  • NYFA3: Kambeseles, Kambeseles, Shuster – 9th in Y14 Team
  • NYFA2: Kushnerik, Liverant, Vermeule – 10th in Y14 Team
  • Andrew Mufel -11th in Y14, 29th in Div II
  • Joshua Shuster – 12th & D2016 in Div II
  • Anna Lanzman – 13th in Div II
  • Peter Kambeseles – 15th & E2016 in Y14
  • Melanie Dolgonos – 16th in Div II
  • Michael Mogilevich – 21st in Y14

NCAA Northeast Regionals – National Championship Qualifier:
3 NYFA collegiate fencers were selected to compete in the NCAA Fencing Championships!

  • Romain Cannone – Silver
  • Skyler Chin – 4th
  • Ally Ryf – 7th

Pan American Championships in Cancun, Mexico:

  • Bennett Cohen – Silver in Junior Team, 16th in Juniors, 18th in Cadets
  • Nathan Vaysberg – 12th in Cadets

Long Island Division Summer Nationals Qualifier:

  • Michael Snyder – Bronze in Div II

NYFA Youth Challenge #5 – top 3:

  • Alan Temiryaev – Gold in Y14
  • Ethan Kushnerik – Gold in Y12
  • Ian Goldfine – Gold in Y10, Bronze in Y12
  • Julian Brodsky – Gold in Y8
  • Michael Mogilevich – Silver in Y14
  • Jaclyn Khrol – Silver in Y12
  • Anna Temiryaev – Silver in Y10
  • Andrew Mufel – Bronze in Y14
  • Joshua Shuster – Bronze in Y14
  • Daniel Plechavicius – Bronze in Y12
  • Julian Brodsky – Bronze in Y10
  • Max Koustikov – Bronze in Y10
  • Dylan Kats – Silver in Y8
  • Finn Chimoskey – Bronze in Y8
  • Jonathan Rachamim – Bronze in Y8

Denise O’Connor RYC:

  • Ethan Kusherik – Gold in Y12, Bronze in Y14
  • Nadia Gaberkorn – Gold in Y12, Silver in Y14