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  • Congratulations to Skyler Chin who made top 8 (93 participants) in Y14ME and earned his D2010 rating, even though it’s his first year in this age group. It is a great improvement since the Summer Nationals Y14 where he didn’t make top 32. Skyler was leading the whole bout for top 4 losing only in the very end by 2 points to the fencer that eventually took 2nd place. Great result Sky – we are looking forward to even better results from you!
  • Romain Cannone fenced his second National tournament and after a surprising top 16 in Summer Nationals Y12, he keeps surprising us by another good performance – Romain made top 32 (93 participants) in Y14 and got national points and qualified for Y14 Summer Nationals. Ale Romain!
  • Gabriel Canaux made top 32 (93 participants) as well in Y14 but couldn’t get to top 16 even though he deserves it by the level of fencing. In Cadets, Gabriel fell short by a couple of touches to make top 32 (167 participants) which would be a great result for a 14 year old fencer. But Gabe showed that he can fence at a high level and we’re sure he will do even better in the next NAC.
  • Annie Morelli made top 32 in Y14WE, got national points and qualified for Summer Nationals and also made top 64 in Cadets. Annie showed good fencing when she was fighting #1 seeded girl in USA for top 16 and lost only at the very end of the bout.
  • Mitchell Revich improved his result and made top 64 in Cadets (167 participants) and was close in the bout for top 32. Good job Mitch.
  • Anya Brosgol was fencing very well in Y14 and even beat the #3 seeded girl and a couple more top ranked fencers but couldn’t transfer her good fencing to DE’s – looking forward to stronger finishes from Anya in future.

11/14 Weekend Update

  • Peye Wong took gold in the Y12 mixed epee event at NJFA! Congrats Peye – we are very happy for you and proud that you represent our club.  This is only her second epee competition and it was a mixed event where she competed with boys as well as girls. Peye has been working very hard and the gold medal is well-deserved.
  • Daniel Hurwitz took second place at the Metropolitan Division Junior Olympics qualifier and qualified for the Juniors event.
  • Annie Morelli took second as well and qualified for the Cadets event.
  • Mitchell Revich took third and qualified for the Cadets event.

Good Day for NYFA at Cobra RYC

Congratulations to our fencers on the successful weekend at Cobra Regional Youth Circuit!

  • Annie Morelli took home the gold medal as she continues to dominate in Y14 age group – well done Annie!
  • Romain Cannone became a silver medalist in Y14 men’s event and we are proud that he is able to show strong result despite the fact that this is his first year in Y14 age group!
  • Peye Wong had a debut as an epee fencer in Y12 category and made top 8 – congratulations Peye on your first final in epee and we look forward to seeing great results of yours!
  • Bennett Cohen also made top 8 and was very close to earning a medal in Y10 age group – well done Bennett!
  • Our youngest fencers Anton Chmut and Leo Kharmats had their first competition ever and we are proud that they fought well and showed real fencing spirit. It was a good experience for them and we wish that they become as strong fencers as our older athletes are or even better!