Good luck to our 4 fencers going to the Cadet World Cup in Austria:
Anna Lanzman, Melanie Dolgonos, Ethan Kushnerik, Alan Temiryaev!

Congratulations to NYFA athletes for their recent top results!

National – October North American Cup (NAC) – Top 32:

  • Nathan Vaysberg – Silver in Div 1A
  • Sam Bekker – 6th in Div 1A
  • Peter Kambeseles – 9th in Div 2
  • Jack Kambeseles – 11th in Div 2
  • Andrew Mufel – 11th in Cadets
  • Josh Shuster – 13th and B2017 in Div 1A
  • Anna Lanzman – 16th and B2017 in Cadets
  • Jordan Liverant – 23rd and C2017 in Cadets
  • Mark Dolgonos – 29th in Div 1A

Regional – Top 8:

Daugherty Super Youth Circuit (SYC):

  • Skyler Liverant – Gold in Y14

American Challenge Regional Junior & Cadet Circuit (RJCC):

  • Sam Bekker – Silver in Juniors
  • Jack Kambeseles – 6th in Cadets
  • Peter Kambeseles – 8th in Cadets

Mission Regional Junior & Cadet Circuit (RJCC):

  • Peter Kambeseles – 6th in Cadets

Durkan Div1A Regional Open Circuit (ROC):

  • Anton Chmut – Bronze
  • Melanie Dolgonos – 8th

Neil Lazar Regional Youth Circuit (RYC):

  • Dylan Kats – 5th in Y10
  • Ethan Zaydman – 6th in Y10

Local – Top 8 – including NYFA’s Youth Challenge: Click here




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