Welcome back and congratulations to our athletes for their fencing achievements over this summer and so far this season!  Results are posted below.

We are proud to be ranked the #2 club in the US in Youth Men’s Epee for last season. Continuing the trend, our boys earned the second most medals of all clubs competing in the first SYC of this season.  Keep it up and let’s aim for #1!


North Texas Round Up SYC & RCC:

  • Ethan Kushnerik – Gold in Y12
  • Mark Dolgonos – Silver in Y12, 7th in Y14
  • Michael Mogilevich – Bronze in Y14
  • Melanie Dolgonos – 8th in Y14
  • Ian Goldfine – 8th in Y10

Thrust Fall ROC:

  • Melanie Dolgonos – Bronze in Div 2

2015 New Jersey Senior Olympics:

  • Alex Shifer – 5th in Vet

NYFA Camp at Perk Tournament:

  • Anton Chmut – Gold in Senior, 5th in Senior
  • Romain Cannone – Gold in Senior & A2015
  • Michael Mogilevich – Gold in Div3, Bronze in Y14, 6th in Div3
  • Anna Lanzman – Gold in Div3 & D2015, 5th in Y14
  • Alan Temiryaev – Gold in Y14 x 2
  • Jaclyn Khrol – Gold in Y12 x 2, Silver in Y14, Bronze in Y14
  • Slava Zingerman – Silver & B2015 in Senior
  • Bennett Cohen – Silver in Senior. 5th in Senior
  • Ethan Kushnerik – Silver in Y12. Bronze in Y12. 8th in Y14
  • Mark Dolgonos – Silver in Y12, Bronze in Y12, 8th in Y14
  • Sam Bekker – Bronze in Senior
  • Nathan Vaysberg – Bronze in Senior
  • Andrew Mufel – Bronze in Div3 x 2, 6th in Y14
  • Dylan Sergey Polkovsky – Bronze in Div3, 6th in Y14
  • Nicholas Glaz – Bronze in Y14, 7th in Div3
  • Mitchel Bekker – Bronze in Y12
  • Joshua Sikarevich – 5th in Div3, 6th & C2015 in Senior
  • Daniel Zaretsky – 5th in Y14
  • Caralina Khrol – 5th in Y12, 7th in Y12
  • David Pavlenishvili – 5th in Y12
  • Mitchel Bekker – 6th in Y12
  • Matthew Ko – 7th in Senior & C2015, 8th in Senior
  • Devan Singh – 7th in Div3
  • Melanie Dolgonos – 7th in Y14
  • Peter Kambeseles – 8th in Div3
  • Alan Slavinsky – 8th in Div3
  • Anna Temiryaev – 8th in Y12

New York State Fencing Championships:

  • Alex Shifer – Bronze in Vet & B2015

Additional ratings earned:

  • Anna Lanzman, Dylan Polkovsky, Devan Singh – E2015 at the Hill Camp
  • Michael Snyder – C2015 at Nutmeg State Games
  • Alex Shifer – D2015 at BCAF Vets