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  • View more memories here: 2017 NYFA Camp Photo Album 
  • Thank you to our fantastic camp coaching team:  Alexey Sintchinov (Penn State), Yakov Danilenko (Medeo), Tim Svidnytsky (Toronto), Sergei Danilov (Alliance), Sorah Shin (Swords), Yarik Ponomarenko (NYFA) and Misha Mokretsov (NYFA).
  • This was the largest epee camp in the US with over 100 fencers from Great Britain, Hong Kong, China, Canada, and across the US  (NY, TX, IL, NJ, DC, PA, CA, CT, GA, MA, UT, VA, +)
  • 5 World Team Members (Ivan Zagoruiko, Wesley Johnson, Ariana Mangano, Alan Temiryaev, Jonathan Piskovatskov) and NCAA champion, Yevgeniy Karyuchenko, trained with us.
  • 15 ratings were earned at our CAMP TOURNAMENTS.
  • We had an amazing camp experience and look forward to seeing everyone again next year!
  • If you missed out, be sure to check back for our 2018 camp!


CLUB NEWS, fencing camps


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  • Thanks to more than 80 fencers who came from the US, Canada, and France to make our summer sleep-away epee fencing camp the biggest on the East Coast!
  • Thanks to our team of coaches – Misha Mokretsov (NYFA), Slava Zingerman (NYFA), Arpy Horvath (Vivo), Sergei Danilov (Alliance), Tim Svydnitsky (Toronto), Yakov Danilenko (Medeo), Dima Krupp (IFA) – and to our camp staff for their hard work.
  • Congratulations to all the medalists in our camp tournaments, six of whom earned new ratings.
  • Check out many more  memories here:
    Facebook 2016 Sleep-Away Camp Eventphoto album, and Instagram
  • We plan to make the 2017 NYFA Summer Sleep-away Epee Fencing Camps even better and bigger!  See you next summer!