Alan Temiryaev


Hewlett Senior Wins National Title,109419

Hewlett High School senior Alan Temiryaev, second from right, captured his second junior national fencing title. From left Ian Sanders, Steven Grams, Howard Zhao, Skyler Liverant, Jonathan Piskovatskov, Ryan Griffiths, Temiryaev and Isaac Herbst.


By Jeff Bessen
November 21, 2018
Long Island Herald

Alan Temiryaev, a senior at Hewlett High, won his second junior national title at the North American Cup in Kansas City, Mo., from Nov. 9 to 12. The victory buoys the New York Fencing Academy member’ chances of making the U.S. Junior National team after a seesaw start to his fencing season.

“I won my first four bouts, then twisted my ankle badly and lost the next two,” said Temiryaev, who has who has verbally committed to fence at Columbia University. “But I’m glad I was able to overcome the pain and win.”

He had to defeat his club mates, New York University fencer Sam Bekker and Skyler Liverant, and then upended World Championship silver medalist, Ryan Griffiths and Youth Olympics bronze medalist, Isaac Herbst, in the finals. Temiryaev’s next competition is at the World Cups in Riga, Latvia and in Luxembourg.




By Emily Lorsch
Feb 12, 2018 10:19 PM EST
News 12 Brooklyn

BROOKLYN – A fencer who grew up in Brooklyn is hoping that he’ll make it to the Olympics in 2020.

Alan Temiryaev, 17, won the Junior Olympics last year and is heading back for round two this weekend.

He trains in Brighton Beach for about four hours, five to six days a week.

“Sometimes I’ll take Wednesdays off to just relax, get myself together, focus on studies and tests and then Sundays I usually have off. But every other day I come here,” he says.

A high school junior, Temiryaev is also working to get accepted to Columbia University.