Join us for Online Fencing Classes & Private Lessons!

Read Important Tips: The Online World of Fencing


REGISTER– Y14 & Above:  SATURDAYS (1-2 pm)

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  1. Sign-up for a Zoom account in the students’ name (not the parents)
  2. REGISTER using the links above at least 30 minutes before each class.
  3. Use the “Click Here To Join” link in the confirmation email to join the class 15 minutes before start time.
  4. The fee is $25 per 1-hour class.
  5. If you prepaid this session’s package, there’s no need to pay again.  We will automatically deduct the fee from your balance.
  6. If you need to pay, call Marina (646-644-3032) after you register and at least 30 minutes before class starts to pay by phone.


  • Your coach will give you personal and undivided attention which helps not only to control execution of the exercises, but also allows tailoring of the tasks to each student’s individual needs.
  • To schedule, call Marina (646-644-3032)
  • The fee is $50 per 30-minute private lesson.
  • We are lengthening private lessons during the current situation so students can have extra time to communicate with their coaches, and can allow for any internet issues that might occur.

3/17/20 Due to the coronavirus quarantine, our clubs are temporarily closed until further notice. To keep practicing, join our online classes and lessons.

2019-2020 CLUB SCHEDULES  (temporarily suspended)


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All New Students start with Introductory Lessons before joining Group Classes. Click here to learn more: Begin Fencing

Beginners Class (1.5 hours) – Musketeer or Mixed classes for students who are complete beginners or fencers with little experience. This class covers footwork, basic techniques and skills, bouting tactics, etiquette and sportsmanship. We provide all the necessary equipment.

Kids Intermediate Class (1.5 hours) – For kids 11 and younger who have been fencing for at least six months, have a good understanding of basic movements, and are ready for a higher level of footwork, technical skills, and bouting tactics.  We will continue to emphasize etiquette and sportsmanship.  Full set of equipment is necessary.

Intermediate Classes (1.5-2 hours) – Fencers who have acquired a good understanding of basic movements and have at least half a year of fencing experience. This class brings fencers to a higher level of footwork and technical skills, bouting tactics and continues to emphasize etiquette and sportsmanship. Full set of equipment is necessary.

Advanced Competition Class (2 hours) – Advanced classes for fencers with at least one year competitive experience with fencing. Fencers in this class are annual members, take individual lessons, train two-three times a week, have their own electric and protective gear, and compete regularly in local as well as national events.

Directed Bouting Class (2 hours) – Advanced directed bouting class limited to fencers who are Y14 or older and C-rated or above. Others must be approved by Coach Mokretsov.

30-Minute Conditioning Class – Intense work out to improve general body strength, speed, coordination and endurance.

1-Hour Conditioning Class – Stretching exercises and intense work out to improve general body strength, speed, coordination and endurance.

Footwork Class (1 hour) – Footwork for intermediate-advanced students, led by Coach Sergey Danilov.

After School Program – Click here for information

Open Bouting – practice bouting with other fencers.


Private Lessons (20-40 min.) – designed to allow maximum fencing progress and schedule flexibility. One-on-one lessons with the coach can begin as soon as scheduled and are available during club hours, before or after classes.